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Yikes: Lynn and the Spirits of Inao gets canceled in the midst of payment-related allegations

Justice has been served?
May 20
// Salvador GRodiles
It felt like it was only yesterday that I was looking forward to the 2D platformer game known as Lynn and the Spirits of Inao. As of now, my hopes for seeing this game get made are shattered as the title's Kickstarter campaig...
Lynn photo

Lynn and the Spirits of Inao gives off a nice Spirited Away and Castlevania vibe

Ghiblivania anyone?
May 04
// Salvador GRodiles
I'm going to be honest with everyone on here: I'm a really huge sucker for games that look like a beautiful illustration. From Vanillaware's titles to stuff like Indivisible, I can't help to want these things insid...
Muv-Luv photo

Mission Complete: Muv-Luv Kickstarter comes to a triumphant close

The Earth is now saved!
Nov 05
// Salvador GRodiles
Ladies and gentlemen. It looks like we've successfully vanquished the BETA, as the Muv-Luv Kickstarter ended a total of $1,255,444 on Nov. 3. Not only did they managed to achieve every stretch goal possible (such as...
Muv-Luv photo

Humanity Wins: Muv-Luv's Kickstarter is off to an amazing start

This calls for a celebration
Sep 27
// Salvador GRodiles
After an amazing great start on Thursday, the Kickstarter for Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative has reached its goal to be localized in the West. In other words, the BETA might as well pack their bags and leave Earth...

Muv-Luv photo

Watch out, BETA: Muv-Luv localization to get Kickstarted

Coming soon to a Kickstarter near you
Jul 01
// Salvador GRodiles
It looks like visual novel fans are in for some good news. The gang at DegiGames and Ixtl have revealed that they're creating a Kickstarter to localize Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative. While the funding campaign wil...
Coluboccoro photo

Huzzah: Kenji Itoso's Coluboccoro anime gets funded

Santa Company's creator is on a roll
Apr 21
// Salvador GRodiles
Well, folks; it looks like we're in for another anime by Kenji Itoso, the great mastermind behind Santa Company. Now that his second Kickstarter has reached $38,576, we can look forward to an English release of their Colubocc...
Space Dandy photo
Space Dandy

Seven Seas' Space Dandy Deck-Building Game Kickstarter meets its goal, baby

Congratulatons, baby
Mar 04
// Salvador GRodiles
Out of all the possible anime series that could get a deck-building game, Space Dandy felt like it was the least likely candidate to receive this treatment. Lo and behold, Seven Seas' new tabletop games division, Seven Seas ...
Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Symphony: Fund SERASYMPHONY's bid to play the west coast

In the name of the moon, I'll play for YOU!
Feb 18
// Anthony Redgrave
Sailor Scouts and classical music lovers rejoice! iconiQ The Soundtrack Orchestra, the musical geniuses behind the Sailor Moon Symphony are wanting to put on a live performance on the west coast. Titled Sailor Moon Symphony:...
Finder photo

Digital Manga Inc. forms a Kickstarter to restock Finder

It looks like DMI is trying something new
Jan 09
// Salvador GRodiles
It looks like Digital Manga Inc. has made an interesting move recently. Instead of starting a Kickstarter to fund a license a manga series, the company is starting a campaign to restock Finder's first six volumes. While ...
Americana Dawn photo
Americana Dawn

Despair: Americana Dawn's Kickstarter failed to reach its goal

Let's hope that this project isn't over
Dec 23
// Salvador GRodiles
Oh my. I never expected that it would come to this, but I'm afraid that Americana Dawn's Kickstarter couldn't achieve its $70,000 goal, since they were only able to rake in $28,239. While this means that Foster's jo...
Cannon Busters photo
Cannon Busters

Huzzah: Cannon Busters' Kickstarter ends at $156k

LeSean Thomas' project is now a thing!
Dec 03
// Salvador GRodiles
Well, people; it's finally happened. Cannon Busters' Kickstarter has ended with a total amount of $156,535.00, which means that, LeSean Thomas' one step closer towards making his adventure series a reality. Since they've mana...
Ludwig B photo
Ludwig B

Digital Manga starts a Kickstarter to translate Ludwig B

Another Tezuka tale enters Kickstarter
Nov 26
// Salvador GRodiles
Digital Manga Inc. is ready to do another Kickstarter to bring Tezuka's stories to the West. This time around, they're focusing on translating Ludwig B, a manga about Beethoven's childhood. Since the manga is only two volume...
Americana Dawn photo
Americana Dawn

Journey through Colonial America in Americana Dawn

It's time to relive American history as an RPG game
Nov 24
// Salvador GRodiles
There's something amazing about seeing two great things come together to form a nice package. In this case, Max Lam and her team, Bit Bonton, have opened a Kickstarter for Americana Dawn, a JRPG-influenced game that lets the...
Cannon Busters photo
Cannon Busters

LeSean Thomas' Cannon Busters project looks amazing

More adventure shows is always a good thing
Nov 06
// Salvador GRodiles
While Western animation doesn't fall under Japanator's usual coverage, LeSean Thomas' (Boondocks, Black Dynamite: The Animated Series) recent Kickstarter project, Cannon Busters, has a few people who been in the anime indust...
Under the Dog photo
Under the Dog

Under the Dog Anime Kickstarter has some great talents behind its wheel

Ishii's latest creation looks promising
Aug 11
// Salvador GRodiles
First, I'd like to apologize for being late to the party in regards to news about the Kickstarter for Under the Dog, an anime that features story elements similar to those found in titles like Akira and Ghost in the Shell. H...
Chroma Squad photo
Chroma Squad

Report: Power Rangers co. Saban sues indie Sentai game

Teens with too much attitude
Jul 19
// Josh Tolentino
I love the story of Chroma Squad, a little indie game from Brazilian outfit Behold Studios. They took something they loved - tokusatsu and Super Sentai - and made it into a unique game concept - putting players in the shoes o...
BGC photo

PSA: Get your Bubblegum Crisis Blu-rays before too late

Kickstarted project nearing completion, now comes with a bunch of trinkets
May 09
// Jeff Chuang
Do you remember Bubblegum Crisis? I do, because over the years (decades?) I've managed to buy it once every so many years. With the recent Kickstarter this would be just the third time I have purchased this relic from the OVA...
Mai Mai Miracle photo
Mai Mai Miracle

Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter ends with over $107K, reaches goals

Katabuchi's country life picture on a Blu-ray near you, I hope
Mar 07
// Jeff Chuang
With over 1900 backers and over $107,100+ pledged, Anime Limited's Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter ended with all the numerated stretch goals reached. This means the eventual Kickstarter release will contain an English dub, a loc...
Kickstarter photo

Kickstarter alert: learn Japanese from a video game

Want to learn some Japanese?
Feb 27
// LB Bryant
I've wanted to learn how to be passable in Japanese for many years now. Not only because of my job but also because I've always thought it would be cool to learn another language and really, what better language to pick than ...
Kickstarter photo

Quick, throw more money at Unsung Story

Sakimoto, Yoshida join the team
Feb 13
// Karen Mead
Hey, remember that awesome Kickstarter for strategy RPG-auteur Yasumi Matsuno's newest magnum opus,  Unsung Story, that I told you about a month ago? Well, as of this writing the project still needs about $35K to become ...
Mai Mai miracle photo
Mai Mai miracle

Mai Mai Miracle gets funded in a day, dub possible

Stretch goals detailed
Feb 06
// Jeff Chuang
All the Anime's Kickstarter for Sunao Katabuchi's Mai Mai Miracle is funded! The Kickstarter was approved some time yesterday morning Eastern time and it has reached funding early morning today. The 2009 Madhouse film from di...
Kickstarter photo

UK based Anime Limited launches kickstarter for Mai Mai M

Throw money at these people!
Feb 03
// LB Bryant
Soon will be a very special time for anime fans in the US and the UK because very soon they will be able to throw money at a brand new Kickstarter campaign that will be launched by the UK based anime company Anime Limited to ...
Kickstarter photo

Mega Man board game kickstarter enters its final hours

At least it's more Mega Man
Jan 18
// Tim Sheehy
By now you've probably heard of this kickstarter for a Mega Man board game. It's been all over the net, and covered on practically every major gaming site out there. Well, it's down to the final hours, and the project has man...

Unsung Story is basically Final Fantasy Tactics II

Jan 15 // Karen Mead
[embed]31180:3392:0[/embed] The Kickstarter campaign has only been up for a day or two, but it's already nearly halfway to its $600,000 goal. Given Matsuno's body of work, achieving the baseline funding goal seems like a foregone conclusion; the interesting thing is speculating which of the numerous stretch goals will be met. The one that seems to be getting people the most excited is the possibility of having Hitoshi Sakimoto compose the game's soundtrack ($1.3 M stretch goal), since history tells us that Matsuno +Sakimoto =THE BEST GAMES EVER, but don't overlook the importance of translator Alexander O. Smith potentially joining the project at the $900,000 level; one of the things that made Vagrant Story so phenomenal was Smith's great translation. Personally I hope they reach at least the $1.8 M stretch goal so the game will be ported to the PS Vita. The backer rewards include the usual list of downloads, posters, T-shirts and other tchotchkes, but also offer the opportunity to become involved with the game's development. If you pledge at least $165, you'll have the opportunity to playtest and balance the game, and even help the dev team design monsters and quests. This is a really tempting idea (and $165 isn't that much considering), but I don't know if I'm interested in playtesting; I think I'd rather just get the game when it's complete, and enjoy it the way it was meant to be played. In my household, discussion of this Kickstarter quickly went from "Should we consider backing this?" to "OMG what reward tier should  Do Want OMG SHINY!", so it's safe to say that I'm excited for Unsung Story. What do you guys think-- are you gearing up to be part of the dev team, or do you just want to donate $3 to help the game get made? Notice I'm not asking about those of you who don't want to back it at all, because I'm assuming those people do not exist in this reality.
Video Games photo
They're not calling it Final Fantasy Tactics II, but it totally is
Now this is what I call a Kickstarter project. Yasumi Matsuno, famous for creating Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story (also known as THE BEST GAMES EVER) has partnered with California-based Playdek to create a new tactic...

Anime photo

Kickstarter Anime Akari no Chikai to be made with Blender

Assassins are definitely involved
Dec 30
// Karen Mead
I'm running out of witty things to say to introduce these anime Kickstarter projects. I think I've already used "Another day, another anime Kickstarter," and I can't make a joke about the War on Christmas like I did for Santa...
Santa Company photo
Santa Company

Santa Company finally gets a trailer

Is this what dreams are made of?
Dec 28
// Amber Hunt
We all know that I'm really anxious to watch the upcoming Christmas based anime called Santa Company when it comes out. A few days ago, staff member Karen wrote about the Kickstarter for the project being funded. Yes, she wa...
Santa Company photo
Santa Company

Santa Company Kickstarter gets funded, cast

Staff member Amber explodes with excitement
Dec 24
// Karen Mead
It appears that 'The War on Christmas' has suffered yet another crushing defeat: Santa Company, the Christmas-themed anime that Amber has been going nuts about for a month already, has met its funding goal of $50,000 on Kicks...
Kickstarter photo

Help fund a Moe-themed guide for headphone enthusiasts

Doujin circle Lunatic Joker turns kickstarter for help
Dec 16
// Tim Sheehy
Audiophiles and headphone enthusiasts may be interested in helping kick-start this interesting project we've stumbled across -- Lunatic Joker's Moe Headphone Guidebook 2013. The doujinshi guide will reportedly featu...
anime photo

It's the perfect time for Christmas anime

Will holiday anime become a thing now?
Dec 04
// Amber Hunt
Well 'tis the season for Christmas anime, right? That is correct folks, a Christmas based anime! It sounds pretty kick ass to me. Kenji Itoso is the mastermind behind the concept and is calling the series Santa Company. ...
Kickstarter photo

Cats fight zombies in new 9DKP anime Kickstarter

That's "9 Deadly Killer Pussies" to you
Nov 23
// Karen Mead
Anime Kickstarters are pretty common these days, but it's not every day that you see one between a celebrated Japanese animation studio and a small toy company run out of Queens, NY. Asahi Production, one of Japan's oldest an...

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