Suikoden 1/2

Oh man, Suikoden 2 is out, go get it now now now

Get HYPE for 16 years ago!
Dec 09
Oh, finally. It only took, like, sixteen years, but Suikoden II, one of my favorite games of all time and one of the greatest RPGs ever made, to come to downloadable platforms on this side of the pond. Konami's made the thing... read
New Love Plus+

New Love Plus+ now has a date, with your wallet

Reunite with Rinko on March 27
Jan 10
My undying flame for Rinko Kobayakawa gets a new tank of propane in March: The latest edition of the head-turning girlfriend sim, New Love Plus+, will street on the 27th of March. We already talked to you about the limited ed... read
Things are about to get chaotic around here
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Even with Victor's immense strength and ability to harness electrify through his body, Stein was smart enough to void the creature's electrifying grabs-- including the butt one. After Stein used ... read feature

Kojima points out the obvious, so what's next?
You might have noticed some people talking about the description of how Hideo Kojima and his team create the next Metal Gear Solid project. Specifically, Kojima tweeted how one of his characters are designed. The reaction see... read feature

Who is the better Alucard?
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Captain Falcon may be a great bounty hunter -- his Falcon Punch was able to cause a galaxy sized explosion, but this is a race that we're talking about. JP on the other hand is willing to do what... read feature

New Love Plus +

Another Love Plus is coming to 3DS

with less bugs, we hope!
Jul 03
The latest issue of Famitsu gives us a brief look at the latest installment of the Love Plus series coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Tentatively titled New Love Plus +, little has been revealed about the actual changes being made ... read
Kiefer Sutherland x MGS

Woah: Konami announce Kiefer Sutherland as Snake's voice

'Kiefer? Kiefer?! Kiefeeeerrrr!'
Jun 08
Well, this is a surprise. After months of practically-confirmed rumors surrounding Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Konami has gone and confirmed that indeed, David Hatyer will not be the playing the voice of Snake.... read
We're in for one heck of a spellbinding clash!
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! The passion left behind Gunvarrel's legacy created a huge impact in the world; however, his abilities didn't come close to Gekiganger III's skills that takes notes from the super robot shows of t... read feature

Joints are going to fly everywhere this week.
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over!  Boss Masamune thought that his lightning based attacks could shock Zoro into defeat, but Zoro's endurance and skills has grown since his adventures in Skypiea. With a 36... read feature

Metal Gear Solid V

Konami reveals Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Yep, that 'new IP' trailer was for MGS
Mar 28
I should be mildly miffed that Kojima Production's teasing of two projects, The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Ground Zeroes, were just now revealed to be in fact teases for the next game in the Metal Gear Solid franc... read
Vampires and Apes

Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop VC Releases for 2013/03/27

The weird sequels are coming!
Mar 19
Next week we will see not one but two sequels come to the 3DS VC that were radical departures from the previous game in the series. First up is Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, the quirky action adventure game that many ... read

New project teased by LovePlus developers

I've already moved on.
Feb 06
It seems like it might be time to say goodbye to your LovePlus lady of choice, as it seems there's a new dating sim for budding gamers to prep marriage forms for. The project involves Akira Uchida (producer of New LovePlus) a... read

Castlevania 3DS is a whip cracking good time

Extreme platforming!
Jan 24
A new trailer for Konami's Castlevania: Lord of the Shadows - Mirror of Fate, was dropped today, and I am psyched. I was actually a pretty big fan of the consol version of the upcoming 3DS game's predecessor, with its d... read

Metal Gear Rising demo to slice into consoles next week

Spine ripping action
Jan 16
Like many of you, I'm a bit skeptical about the major change in gameplay style that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be bringing to the table. That being said, some of my favorite Metal Gear Solid 4 moments starred our wh... read

This Metal Gear bento is the greatest bento

Snake? Snake? Luuunch!!!
Dec 19
It's...it's beautiful, like the Mount Rushmore of boxed lunches. Except some stupid mountain doesn't have the faces of two of the world's greatest soldiers (Solid Snake, Big Boss) and one guy whose idea of cool ninja style is... read
Who will end up as scrap metal?
*ding, ding, ding* It's over! Dracula tried to throw every ounce of power and flames at Roa, but he could not withstand Roa's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. Better luck next century, Dracula. Roa wins! (7 > 4) ... read feature

Only one will survive.
*ding, ding, ding*  After a long hiatus, the J-tor Arena is open again for Friday Night Fights. And until things move on to the next phase, JT has left me in charge of picking out the participants for each new fight. Bef... read feature

Remember, London MCM Expo begins on the 26th

I think I'll be original and go as myself.
Oct 13
Get that cosplay ready, as there are only two weeks between now and the next London MCM Expo. As per usual there will be plenty to get up to, but let's take a look at the video games and guests that'll be turning up! Namco Ba... read

TGS 2012: Metal Gear Rising has some off-the-wall baddies

Mistral's 'well-armed', get it?
Sep 21
In case you were of the opinion that Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes wasn't ludicrous enough, Platinum Games and their work on Metal Gear Rising Revengeance has you covered, particularly in the field of having insane... read

Surely you've got 7 minutes for Zone of the Enders 2

Unless you only bought into it for the Metal Gear demo
Sep 06
The game you've been clamoring for for about nine-odd years is finally on the way: Zone of the Enders 2 is making its way to modern platforms on October 25th. And now, just to remind you of that glorious fact, Konami ha... read

Here's first trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

Sneaking missions in a big-ass world
Sep 05
Back last week Konami revealed Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, to much fanfare and anticipation. Unfortunately for the fans all into the anticipating thing, its demo of the game was a no-photography affair, much to the cons... read
AKA: funny faces Hideo Kojima makes
PAX Prime has been busy as hell for Josh Totman and me. SO busy, in fact, that we just couldn't keep up last night with the galleries. Instead, we're opting for a one large post that sums up the final two days of PAX 2012. Ch... read feature

Oh right, here are the OTHER new Metal Gear games

The La-GREE-Lu-Lei-Lo
Aug 30
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes may be the new hotness when it comes to Metal Gear, but it isn't the only hotness in this time of anniversary celebration. Konami were happy to announce a whole new Metal Gear Solid g... read

The next Metal Gear Solid game is finally revealed

Big Boss should outgrow the 'Snake' callsign already
Aug 30
We're awash in Metal Gear-related news this morning as Konami celebrates the franchise's 25th Anniversary today, and the biggest news of the day so far is now the reveal of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the next ... read

Snaaake!!! Metal Gear movie announced

Two hours of gameplay, thirty minutes of cutscenes
Aug 30
And this time it's actually true! For years we've seen rumors of a Hollywood-produced Metal Gear movie come and go, but series auteur Hideo Kojima's stuck to his guns, forever saying that he was waiting for just the righ... read

Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Famitsu cover is super sexy

Jul 12
I'm a huge Metal Gear fan. I've played every release in the series at least once and have paid stupid amounts of money for figures from the games. I know, I'm a bad person. I'll definitely be picking up the weekly Famitsu com... read

Took 'em long enough! Metal Gear Solid 4 getting trophies

Jul 11
Really, that headline is enough news in itself: Metal Gear Solid 4 is getting *squeal* TROPHIES!!! And it only took Konami four years! While I myself am not a trophy hound (though I do feel proud of my sole Platinum courtesy ... read

[Japanator Games Week may have ended last week, but there were a few entries that went through some delays, so let's give a welcome to these late contenders.] For a good while, people would go into a deep shock whenever I tel... read feature

A Daily Dose of Music: Old School Thursdays

Jun 21
That's right, feel the supreme power of the Shiba Inu! If you aren't familiar with the dog song, it was featured as the secret ending in Silent Hill 2, where everything was controlled by a Shiba Inu! Thus, this legendary song was born! If this track doesn't clear your Thursday fog, I don't know what will. Organ please! read

E3 2012: Castlevania 3DS keeps it in the family

Jun 05
I wasn't much into Castlevania: Lord of the Shadows for the home consoles, but the new portable entry to the beloved series looks like a winner! There's only a bit of gameplay video at the end, but what is shown looks fantas... read

Get pumped for this new Zone of the Enders HD footage

Jun 01
It might be a while yet before we hear much about Konami's genuinely new Zone of the Enders games, but that doesn't mean you can't get yourself excited for seeing the old ZoE titles in all the glory of high-def. At least tha... read

It was a long time coming, but Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater finally crawled all the way onto the 3DS. A triumph of a handheld, for sure, the entry into the Metal Gear saga is now available for scads more players to ki... read feature

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