Rejoice, Cinephiles: Criterion Collection is on Hulu Plus

Feb 15
// Josh Tolentino
Here's some awesome news for people that like films: The Criterion Collection is now available online, via Hulu Plus. What's a Criterion Collection, you ask? It's only an awesome movie distributor that concentrates on releasi...

Chris Rock to remake Kurosawa's High and Low. Seriously

Apr 14
// Brad Rice
Chris Rock x Akira Kurosawa.That is a pairing that I never expected to see in my life. It's happening, though, and Black Voices has the details. Apparently Rock's next project is to be an adaptation of Kurosawa's modern-day t...

Criterion planning a massive 25-film sized Kurosawa box set? DO WANT!

Sep 10
// Brad Rice
Mmm...Kurosawa. As much as I love his works, most of what I've seen of his stuff has been through rentals and screenings. In fact, I think the only Kurosawa film I own is Stray Dog, and I only bought that for a film noir pape...

Can't find the Hidden Fortress? Well, now you've got the chance to look again

Nov 01
// Brad Rice
Missed Kurosawa's film The Hidden Fortress when it was out in theaters? Well, considering it came out in 1958 in Japan, I sincerely doubt that any of our readership has actually seen it. Well, now will be your chance, bec...

Kurosawa's film Ikiru gets highest honor: it gets turned into a J-Drama

May 10
// Brad Rice
There certainly is no higher honor for Akira Kurosawa and his film about a man dying of cancer. Forget those nods that have appeared in films like The Fountain -- becoming a J-Drama is clearly the height of honor in Japan, ...

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