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life in japan

Japanese Houses photo
Japanese Houses

Old, New, and Abandoned? See what's up with Japanese Houses

Ore no house in the middle of the street
Jun 17
// Red Veron
A few months ago, YouTube channel Life where I'm from, showed us what a modern Japanese home. While not anything extravagant, this new house looks to be similar to modern affordable housing in the United States, save for a fe...
Japanese House photo
Japanese House

Take a tour of a modern Japanese house

What's an LDK?
Feb 08
// Red Veron
For avid anime watchers, it is common to see anime characters living in an apartment and learning that space is a premium in metropolitan areas in Japan. Though sometimes anime does show actual houses and they often seem huge...
Let it go photo
Let it go

Let it go when you poop: Disney's Frozen Sausages in Japan

I don't care what they might contain
Jun 09
// destructoid
Sausage marketers have it tough. Their product looks like a dick and is likely made from the most unmentionable mechanically separated animal parts. How are you supposed to sell that to kids? You print a snow queen on it, log...

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