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10:00 AM on 03.29.2014

Which Japanese menswear magazine are you?

A Continuous Lean is one of the premiere sites for menswear content, and they have a nice breakdown of some of the Japanese men's magazines out there. If you've ever been interested in what Japan has to show you, their guide ...

Brad Rice

10:00 AM on 11.21.2013

The Persona Magazine to return next month

Back before Persona 4 Golden and Persona 4 Arena had hit their respective consoles, Atlus began running the Persona Magazine to hype up their popular franchise. Each issue featured interviews, new screenshots, and a few comic...

Elliot Gay

8:00 AM on 11.08.2013

Attack on Titan prequel is reprinted by demand

So apparently there will be a prequel manga based off of Levi, the protagonist in Attack on Titan. I haven't finished the series yet, nor have I read the manga. Everyone is talking about how amazing it is, though! I was alrea...

Amber Hunt

5:00 PM on 06.14.2012

Otaku USA to hit Wal-Mart shelves in July!

Great news for all of you Wal-Mart-shopping otaku: Wal-Mart will be replacing its Shonen Jump issues with Otaku USA starting July 31st. Shonen Jump ceased publication in March of 2012 after the launch of the digital platform ...

Brad Rice

12:00 PM on 11.08.2011

Wait, what? The Madoka movie is actually a trilogy

Well, I didn't see that one coming. Or did I? It seems that the upcoming Puella Magi Madoka Movie-ca is a real thing. In fact it's three real things. A trilogy of Movie-cas, if you will. That is, unless you don't count compil...

Josh Tolentino

7:00 PM on 10.20.2011

Print is alive! Persona series getting its own magazine

Madness! First a manga, then an anime, then a rerelease, then a fighter spin-off, and now, another social game and a monthly magazine! Yes, you read that right. Atlus is making Persona Magazine, a magazine that's all about th...

Josh Tolentino

2:00 PM on 06.25.2011

AKB48's Maeda Atsuko isn't camera shy

Maeda Atsuko recently had a sexy photo spread in an issue of Anan magazine. The article talks about diet and how "perfect" Maeda's body is. Are you guys reading it for diet tips? Which is your favorite AKB48 gal? I don't know, I keep getting distracted by these pictures. [Via Tokyo Hive]  

Hiroko Yamamura

8:00 AM on 03.24.2011

Hatsune Miku to appear in Weekly Playboy

Our sweet, innocent Vocaloid queen, appearing in Playboy? It sounds like a racy story, but it's not as naughty as you think. The March 28 issue of Weekly Playboy in Japan will feature the virtual idol, drawn by illustrator "b...

Bob Muir

10:00 AM on 11.11.2010

Editor tells all about the 'Shounen Jump' relaunch

What you know so far: Shounen Jump is getting relaunched.What Senior Editor Joel Enos just revealed in an interview with ICv2: it's going to be a lot bigger than you thought.

Lauren Rae Orsini

9:00 PM on 11.02.2010

Minor Pokemon leak somehow justifies jail time

And now for more news on Japan's police being totally hardcore. The Chikusei Police were on "cyber patrol," and - hold on, let's stop right there. Claiming you were on "cyber patrol" conjures up images of ...

Bob Muir

10:18 AM on 07.28.2010

Kinokuniya USA says 'no more' to anime pin-up magazines

Ah, the pin-up magazine. Long the best way to get tons of pictures of hot ladies to put up on the wall of your man-child sanctuary, the likes of Megami and Nyantype also served as a great source for ambitious desktop wallpape...

Josh Tolentino

4:00 PM on 07.26.2010

Yen Plus launches online version with free issue

After meeting an untimely end that so many print publications seem to be facing these days, Yen Plus has now relaunched online. To celebrate the new format choice, publisher Yen Press is offering free access to the August iss...

Bob Muir