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6:01 PM on 11.02.2008

The Kappa Yokai Project

BoingBoing TV, along with the authors of the Yokai Attack Japanese monster encyclopedia, preformed a great sacrifice in the name of paranoia and science. They sacrificed everything by taking a heroic journey into the heart o...

God Len

4:14 PM on 08.23.2008

Japanese Team Hoping to Find the Domo-ku-- I mean Yeti in Nepal

Apparently everyone loves the Yeti. None more so, it looks like, than a team of Japanese mountain climbers who are going on a mission to encounter the Yeti in Nepal. Takahashi Yoshiteru, 65, has formed an elite team of six to...


8:51 PM on 10.31.2007

Homage to the forebears of the freaky-faced/long-haired croakers of Japanese horror flicks

Here's a little tale for you this fine All Hallow's Eve, a combined ghost story and history lesson from which many a modern made-up dead chick draws her scarier attributes: it's the Toukaidou Yotsuya Kaidan, "...


8:38 PM on 10.31.2007

Be afraid: A big Japanese company went under, and hilarity ensues! Ooooooh!

Some really scary news if you've been planning to teach English in Japan and didn't want to go through JET: Nova, a really huge and well-established eikaiwa - a private company in the English-teacher-providing busines...


2:23 AM on 07.07.2007

My Star Festival wish would definitely be for a pony

...except that today, the star festival of Tanabata, is traditionally one of the more romantic-leaning Japanese holidays, so writing 私は子馬がほしいと思う ("I want a baby horse"--close enough, Babelfish!) on one...


1:51 PM on 06.19.2007

F Cup Cookies will increase the size of your lovely lady lumps

Thanks to Tokyo Times, the world (outside of Japan of course) now knows of the existence of a cookie that holds the power to increase the size of a ladie's or otaku’s bust. I believe the power to achieve this impossible ...

God Len

4:48 PM on 05.20.2007

In which our fearless writer writes lots of writings, then takes another break

Hey, guys. Back from a long hiatus on Ye Olde Mythology. We're still focusing on the myths behind Ookami, though I've found there's material therein for at least two more of these suckers (I don't want to be named in any de...


5:16 AM on 03.23.2007

Mythology! Second verse, same as the first, plus world-saving nudity

Having safely recovered from my last random encounter and the near-smashing of this stupid cheap robo-microphone upon hearing the result, I bring you the story of Japan's beloved sun goddess, Amaterasu, or at least the cool...