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Inuyasha , Honey & Clover and NANA are now available on Hulu; better late than never

Jul 22
// Tim Sheehy
I'm really not a huge fan of Inuyasha, so much so that I'm at a loss as to what to say. No doubt the anime was immensely popular in it's day, and still maintains a huge fan base. Having aired on Cartoon Network probably helpe...

'NANA' author Yazawa Ai tosses Cookie publication aside for sick leave

Jun 30
// Chelsea Thompson
According to Oricon (via MyAnimeList forums),  Yazawa Ai is suffering from a sudden and unexpected illness that requires some significant time off for treatment. As a result, publication of NANA will be suspended for the...

Utada Hikaru will be in the US this week

Mar 23
// Eva Duenas
I was envious when this interview was posted. But now, I got so, so sad when I read about Utada Hikaru coming to the US. For once, someone comes to Miami and I can't even see them because of work. Don't get excited yet, thoug...

Live-action NANA will be released on DVD tomorrow

Apr 08
// Dale North
Our friends at Viz send word that manga-inspired live-action film NANA will hit shelves in DVD form tomorrow, April 8th. We knew that!We also already knew that this movie and its sequel, NANA 2, made the list of recent manga-...


Ai Yazawa is back! Time to rejoice, Nana fans

Nov 29
// Brad Rice
All you Nana fans, it's time to catch up on all the old volumes and refresh yourself, because Nana mangaka Ai Yazawa has gotten all better and will be back to working on the series, ending her hiatus. As translator Tomo K...

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