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8:00 PM on 12.20.2013

Deck out your smart phone display with Bleach and Naruto

VIZ Media have announced that starting Monday, December 23rd you'll be able to get Bleach and Naruto image packs via the CocoPPa app for iOS and Android and totally bling your phone out from icons to wall papers. Actually, I ...

Kristina Pino

Japanator Arena: Koromaru VS Akamaru photo
Japanator Arena: Koromaru VS Akamaru
by Salvador G Rodiles

*ding, ding, ding*

It's Over!

It looks like everyone evacuated the Jtor Arena last week, as Alteisen Riese unleashed the Claymore Overlord on Blodia. Bullets flew everywhere, and Jin wasn't safe from the Plasma Horn and the rain of titanium spheres that pierced his machine. Before he had the chance to recover, Kyosuke rammed Riese's Revolving Bunker through Blodia's chest. Thankfully, a few people remembered that the seating grounds were reinforced to withstand all forms of devastating attacks, which allowed for us to record Kyosuke's victory. Alteisen Riese wins! (2 > 0)

Due to a special occurrence that went on this week, we’re going to have a battle between two canines who know how to fight! However, that doesn’t mean that the action is going to be toned down, since we’re going to have a supernatural Shiba Inu go up against a ninja Great Pyrenees. Of course, this will be a one-on-one battle, so there won’t be any interference from any outside parties.

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Shonen Showdown 11-30-2013 photo
Shonen Showdown 11-30-2013
by Josh Tolentino

Hello, and welcome to the weekend! It's time now for Shonen Showdown, the periodic tradition that leaves you in a satisfied slumber, no food required!

To those of you that celebrate the occasion, we hope you had yourselves a happy Thanksgiving! Now, work off all that extra holiday mass with a hearty dose of hot fighting courtesy of Naruto, Bleach, and Hunter x Hunter!

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10:10 PM on 11.25.2013

End Times: Naruto manga 'in its final phase'

Oh, man. It's almost time! The end of an era is nigh! Yes, friends, Naruto is, according to creator Masashi Kishimoto, 'in its final phase'. During a special segment on talk show Sakiyomi Jan BANG (awesome name for ...

Josh Tolentino

2:00 PM on 11.13.2013

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison out Feb. 18th

How many Naruto Shippuden fans we have in the house? I've never watched an episode. I tried to get into Naruto, but I just couldn't. There's only room in my busy life for one long-running shonen epic, and Naruto ain't it. But...

Brittany Vincent

Shonen Showdown 10-19-2013 photo
Shonen Showdown 10-19-2013
by Josh Tolentino

Hello and welcome to Shonen Showdown, your weekly roundup of the best, brightest, and most badass fight anime and manga around! 

With Naruto Shippuden on break today we've got a hot three-to-two ratio of manga-to-anime, with Pedro's recap of One Piece carrying the torch alongside Chris's ready coverage of Hunter x Hunter and my own recaps of Naruto and Bleach

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6:00 PM on 10.01.2013

Read Viz Manga on your Kindle

Like reading manga on your Kindle? If your response is "what manga?," I feel your pain, but the e-reader manga drought ends today. Viz Media has just announced that its entire digital manga catalog is now available for Kindle...

Karen Mead

Shonen Showdown 9-29-2013 photo
Shonen Showdown 9-29-2013
by Josh Tolentino

Hello and welcome to the latest installment of Shonen Showdown, your weekly look at the fights that determine the fate of the world! And like a giant burning fox-dude and his other giant burning friend, we stand together, come what may!

Today's dose of burning spirit and brotherly fervor comes to you courtesy of the latest from Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, and Bleach!

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12:00 PM on 09.25.2013

Fox spoils the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke

Gee, thanks a lot, Fox!  

Josh Tolentino

TGS 2013: Jumping in with J-Stars Victory VS photo
TGS 2013: Jumping in with J-Stars Victory VS
by Elliot Gay

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that nearly three quarters of Namco Bandai's Tokyo Game Show booth is composed of Shonen Jump games. 

Perhaps the biggest of the bunch is J-Stars Victory VS for the PS3 and the Vita. A four player versus game, J-Stars takes a bunch of characters from the past and present of Jump and throws them together in destroyable environments. Sadly, I wasn't able to play with other people, so my 15 minute demo was against three different CPU players. 

My immediate impression upon sitting down with the PS3 version of J-Stars is that while it certainly doesn't look bad, it almost feels like it was developed for the Vita first and the PS3 second. On the flip side, energy blasts are colorful, and the fact that environments can take visual damage does a lot to spice things up. I was playing as Goku, so using a kamehameha blast to toss my opponent through a building felt especially satisfying. The controls reminded me a lot of the Gundam VS series, with a dash button and multiple attack buttons that when pressed together produce different kinds of attacks. 

Each player can select a sub-character that supports you in battle when you press L2 (I might be mistaken about the button). In my case, I chose Luffy, who would dash out ahead of me to attack my opponent, leaving him open to further follow-up attacks. It was messy and frantic, but a ton of fun, especially when you have four fighters on the field throwing out support characters every which way.

One concern I do have is the camera and its tendency to get lost when the action goes close quarters. Any time I found myself up against a wall, I had difficulty tracking my character. It only got worse when I was under attack, and the target I was locked onto was moving around further confusing the camera. These are problems I'm familiar with through the Gundam VS series, so I'm not all that hopeful that this'll be fixed before release. 

That being said, I can see J-Stars being a popular game in groups of people. It's fun, the controls are fairly simple, and there's nothing like seeing Goku and Luffy butt heads with Yusuke Urameshi and Kenshin. 

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6:00 PM on 09.03.2013

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst gets dated

Start sharpening your shuriken, folks, because you've got two months to go before the ultimate game about superpowered anime ninjas, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, gets its "Full Burst" update, as well as a full-fl...

Josh Tolentino

2:00 PM on 08.01.2013

A Daily Dose of Music: Old School Thursdays

This week our time machine only has a short way to go. We're heading back to the not so distant past of 2006, and the ever popular show Naruto Shippuden. I had followed Naruto on and off for quite some time, and decided to j...

Hiroko Yamamura