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osamu tezuka

Ludwig B photo
Ludwig B

Digital Manga starts a Kickstarter to translate Ludwig B

Another Tezuka tale enters Kickstarter
Nov 26
// Salvador G Rodiles
Digital Manga Inc. is ready to do another Kickstarter to bring Tezuka's stories to the West. This time around, they're focusing on translating Ludwig B, a manga about Beethoven's childhood. Since the manga is only two volume...
Tezuka photo

Hidden batch of risque Tezuka art released by his daughter

Drawings include a sexy mouse lady, snake transformation, and more.
Mar 29
// Ben Huber
Want to take a walk on the weird side? Osamu Tezuka, the god of manga, drew a lot of risque and taboo things in his lifetime. He tackled a variety of subjects (sexuality, politics, etc) that at the time pushed the boundaries ...
Music photo

The Dose: Leo leiri

What a collaboration
Feb 26
// Hiroko Yamamura
Things are really starting to heat up for Fukuoka's Leo leiri. The 19 year old singer-songwriter has had some amazing hits and anime tie ins in the past, but now she's sporting some real anime credibility with her newest vid...
Princess Knight update photo
Princess Knight update

Minor rejoice? Nozomi's Princess Knight sets get revised

Still no sign of a dual audio update.
May 07
// Salvador G Rodiles
Thanks to Nozomi's desire to have their customers watch Princess Knight in the best quality that a DVD can bring, the series will be released in a remastered format. In exchange for Nozomi's new actions, the first set will be...

Princess Knight set info photo
Princess Knight set info

Oh no: Nozomi's Princess Knight set won't have dual audio

Don't worry, Nozomi has a good reason for it.
Apr 09
// Salvador G Rodiles
Before you break into a fit of rage, Nozomi had no choice in the matter of not including the original Japanese track for the Princess Knight anime that's based off of a manga by Osamu Tetsuka. Part of that reason has to do wi...

Unpublished manga of Astroboy's Osamu Tezuka discovered

Now that's a find
Nov 06
// Hiroko Yamamura
The world really is still full of lost treasure, isn't it? An unpublished copy of a manga created by legendary mangaka and Astroboy (Mighty Atom) creator, Osamu Tezuka has been discovered. The 19 page book was given to a for...

Check out DMP's Kickstarter for Osamu Tezuka's "Unico"

Jun 21
// Elliot Gay
Kickstarter is a fascinating tool. While recently the videogames industry has picked up on the benefits of the crowd funding website, KS has been around for a little while now and has seen all types of projects come and go. P...

DMP uses Kickstarter to fund license of Tezuka's Barbara

Jan 17
// Brad Rice
DMP has done it again. In just one weekend, they managed to get enough buy-in from manga faithful in order to fund their license of Osamu Tezuka's Barbara, a title that's described as "dark" and "experimental." Previously, DM...

Rejoice, Tezuka's manga are now available on your iPad

Jul 17
// Josh Tolentino
And a whole boatload of them to boot, courtesy of the officially sanctioned "Tezuka Osamu MagazineClub" app. The app, which is a free download, offers sixty-two titles from the father of manga's portfolio, including the etern...

Vertical licenses Princess Knight, Drops of God, and more

Jan 28
// Bob Muir
Our favorite boutique manga publishers at Vertical have announced a handful of new titles coming out later this year. First up is Princess Knight, another classic by the "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka. This story of Pr...

Hey Philadelphia: Check out the Love After Tezuka exhibit

Nov 04
// Brad Rice
All you Philadelphia-area fans: I know, you're totally heartbroken over your failure to make it to the world series. I mean, it was just as bad as the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, right? To soothe your bruised and battered ...

NYAF 10: Vertical's panel was sweet and you weren't there

Oct 10
// Ben Huber
UPDATED: Vertical has since issued a statement saying that No Longer Human is in fact, not licensed quite yet. More details here.Vertical's panel was really a highlight this year at NYAF. Pretty much everything Vertical licen...

NYAF '10: Anime in Academia

Oct 09
// Bob Muir
Compared to the amount of academic research afforded to more established forms of entertainment like film and Western animation, there is an expected lack of discourse on anime. Or at least, that's what I assumed, but accord...

Minari no Seishun is now available on Android phones

Jul 22
// Bob Muir
Osamu Tezuka is basically the godfather of manga. He created numerous classics and crafted a visual style that those who followed in his footsteps would build from. Plus, you know, he made Astro Boy - that had a pretty big ef...

Toei doing anime adaptation of Tezuka's Buddha

Apr 24
// Brad Rice
Here's an exciting bit of news for all you fans of the master of manga: Toei Studios has announced that they'll be doing an anime adaptation of the man's classic work Buddha! This should prove to be exciting. The script is be...

Vertical officially confirms Ayako license

Jan 20
// Brad Rice
Ed Chavez over at Vertical dropped me a line saying that the news of their license of Osamu Tezuka's Ayako has been confirmed, and that they are officially publishing the classic from the God of Manga.I'm glad to see this tit...
 photo reports Vertical publishing Tezuka's Ayako

Jan 14
// Brad Rice
As per usual, has gone ahead and released info earlier than it was supposed to, and Kuri-ousity picked up that Vertical's latest title is supposed to be Osamu Tezuka's Ayako. Things aren't confirmed from Vertical, a...

Astro Boy debuts at #6 at the box office, not looking too hot

Oct 26
// Brad Rice
Well, it looks like Astro Boy has shown his true colors, coming in at #6 on its opening weekend, with $7 million. Also debuting over the weekend was Saw VI, which grossed $14 million, along with Cirque du Freak, which brought...

Celebrate Tezuka day this Sunday at Kinokuniya in New York City

Oct 15
// Brad Rice
It seems that no matter what, I always end up having plans whenever there are cool events in New York City. The latest one? This Sunday, the people from NYAF, Vertical, and other notable groups will be coming together to cele...

Japanator Recommends: Apollo's Song

Oct 06 // Brad Rice
Apollo's SongCreator: Osamu TezukaPublisher: Vertical Inc.Release date: 2007MSRP: $19.95Shogo is a bad boy. Whenever he sees animals in love, an overwhelming hate boils up within him and he has the urge to kill. And so he does, strangling chickens, kicking cats, and all manner of horrible things. We meet Shogo in a psychiatric hospital, where a doctor is attempting to cure Shogo of his violent streak.But the story would be much too simple that way, wouldn't it? Of course. Shogo is in fact cursed by love, to never be able to be with the one that he cares for, like Apollo was with the nymph Daphne. He may fall in love, but they are cursed to be torn apart, again and again, throughout eternity.At least we know it's a tragedy going into it.Still, the story works its way into you. Tezuka manages to transform Shogo from an irredeemable whelp into a character that you can actually care and root for. With an ending that will pull at your heartstrings, Apollo's Song perfectly captures the changing mood in Japan from the 1960s.The story is one that will stick with you, and demands to be re-read time and time again. The tragedy of Shogo and his love is something that feels developed and full, yet not bloated with too many stories or hand-holding. Instead, you watch love unfold time and time again in a single woven narrative. By the time you're done with the story, you'll feel like you've just walked out of a movie.So go, read it now.

When I finished reading MW for our review last week, I was suddenly hooked on Tezuka. I needed to have more. I had already read through the volumes of Black Jack several times over, and came upon a copy of Apollo's Song sitti...


Right Stuf brings the original Astro Boy and Kimba: The White Lion to DVD

Jun 25
// Brad Rice
Funny to think that some of Tezuka's most well-known properties are only making their way here now. You may have seen Astro Boy DVDs on store shelves in the past, but those were from remakes from the 1980s and beyond. What Ri...

DMP puts up preview of Tezuka's Swallow the Earth

May 29
// Brad Rice
Tezuka just keeps popping up in my life over the past week. Perhaps it's a sign. First, it was picking up Pluto, then deciding to catch up on my reading of Black Jack, and then spending a good portion of the day looking for m...

Tezuka's MW manga to get the live action treatment

Jun 06
// Brad Rice
Same Hat is reporting this little tidbit about Ozamu Tezuka's manga about a murderous bank employee. The main character, Yuuki, kidnaps and murders people, only to go to church and repent for his sins each time he commits a f...

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