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10:00 PM on 11.26.2014

Digital Manga starts a Kickstarter to translate Ludwig B

Digital Manga Inc. is ready to do another Kickstarter to bring Tezuka's stories to the West. This time around, they're focusing on translating Ludwig B, a manga about Beethoven's childhood. Since the manga is only two volume...

Salvador GRodiles

7:00 PM on 03.29.2014

Hidden batch of risque Tezuka art released by his daughter

Want to take a walk on the weird side? Osamu Tezuka, the god of manga, drew a lot of risque and taboo things in his lifetime. He tackled a variety of subjects (sexuality, politics, etc) that at the time pushed the boundaries ...

Ben Huber

10:00 AM on 02.26.2014

The Dose: Leo leiri

Things are really starting to heat up for Fukuoka's Leo leiri. The 19 year old singer-songwriter has had some amazing hits and anime tie ins in the past, but now she's sporting some real anime credibility with her newest vid...

Hiroko Yamamura

7:00 PM on 05.07.2013

Minor rejoice? Nozomi's Princess Knight sets get revised

Thanks to Nozomi's desire to have their customers watch Princess Knight in the best quality that a DVD can bring, the series will be released in a remastered format. In exchange for Nozomi's new actions, the first set will be...

Salvador GRodiles

4:00 PM on 04.09.2013

Oh no: Nozomi's Princess Knight set won't have dual audio

Before you break into a fit of rage, Nozomi had no choice in the matter of not including the original Japanese track for the Princess Knight anime that's based off of a manga by Osamu Tetsuka. Part of that reason has to do wi...

Salvador GRodiles

3:00 PM on 11.06.2012

Unpublished manga of Astroboy's Osamu Tezuka discovered

The world really is still full of lost treasure, isn't it? An unpublished copy of a manga created by legendary mangaka and Astroboy (Mighty Atom) creator, Osamu Tezuka has been discovered. The 19 page book was given to a for...

Hiroko Yamamura

9:00 PM on 06.21.2012

Check out DMP's Kickstarter for Osamu Tezuka's "Unico"

Kickstarter is a fascinating tool. While recently the videogames industry has picked up on the benefits of the crowd funding website, KS has been around for a little while now and has seen all types of projects come and go. P...

Elliot Gay

12:00 PM on 01.17.2012

DMP uses Kickstarter to fund license of Tezuka's Barbara

DMP has done it again. In just one weekend, they managed to get enough buy-in from manga faithful in order to fund their license of Osamu Tezuka's Barbara, a title that's described as "dark" and "experimental." Previously, DM...

Brad Rice

8:00 PM on 07.17.2011

Rejoice, Tezuka's manga are now available on your iPad

And a whole boatload of them to boot, courtesy of the officially sanctioned "Tezuka Osamu MagazineClub" app. The app, which is a free download, offers sixty-two titles from the father of manga's portfolio, including the etern...

Josh Tolentino

8:00 AM on 01.28.2011

Vertical licenses Princess Knight, Drops of God, and more

Our favorite boutique manga publishers at Vertical have announced a handful of new titles coming out later this year. First up is Princess Knight, another classic by the "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka. This story of Pr...

Bob Muir

1:00 PM on 11.04.2010

Hey Philadelphia: Check out the Love After Tezuka exhibit

All you Philadelphia-area fans: I know, you're totally heartbroken over your failure to make it to the world series. I mean, it was just as bad as the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, right? To soothe your bruised and battered ...

Brad Rice

10:00 AM on 10.10.2010

NYAF 10: Vertical's panel was sweet and you weren't there

UPDATED: Vertical has since issued a statement saying that No Longer Human is in fact, not licensed quite yet. More details here.Vertical's panel was really a highlight this year at NYAF. Pretty much everything Vertical licen...

Ben Huber