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This Code Geass pachislot ad is 13 minutes long

Mar 14
// Bob Muir
In Japan, pachinko is serious business. So is pachislot, a slot machine with pachinko balls. According to Wikipedia, the Japanese government estimates that this industry makes around ¥29 trillion ($378 billion) a year. Th...

Lupin III 40th anniversary event to stream online

Feb 21
// Michelle Rodanes
[Update: event photos added] It was just announced that online streaming service Nico Nico will be broadcasting the Lupin III Big Thanks Festival event for six hours on February 26th to commemorate the series 40th anniversary...

AKB48 think it's about time you learned to play Pachinko

Nov 08
// Hiroko Yamamura
Yuko Oshima and Tomomi Kasai, from AKB48, as well as Rena Matsui from SKE48 think it's about time you learned some basic Pachinko skills. The stunning super idols present a strangely elegant, yet slightly boring, bu...

Pachinko company buys AIC anime studio

Sep 27
// Lauren Rae Orsini
In America, we worry about our companies being bought up by Big Oil. Apparently in Japan, Big Pachinko is more of a concern. Oizumi, a company known for making pachisuro machines, has just acquired AIC, the anime studio respo...


Pachinko licenses for anime have become a hot ticket item

Feb 15
// Brad Rice
If you've ever been in a pachinko parlor in Japan, one of the things you might notice -- assuming you can see through the dense walls of smoke -- are the abundance of anime pachinko games. Evangelion, Kaiji, Fist of the North...

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