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Also toys, zombies, monster babies, P4 and fine literature
Greetings, listeners! This was a fine week to be watching Kill La Kill if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Or maybe you don't, and you're like, "What is this Kill La Kill thing they keep talking about on my favorite ... read feature

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Is Soni-Ani surprisingly good, or drivel? THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU
Having missed the last two episodes of the podcast, I have plenty to say this time around, and Tim does his part by always disagreeing with me on general principle. However, I'm going to call out his reluctance to refer to th... read feature

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Friends don't let friends drive with Koko
I was still nursing a cold and sore throat while this was recorded, while Brittany was apparently off sacrificing small children to the horror gods (it needs to be done before next Walpurgisnacht, don't ask), so Tim, Ben and ... read feature

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Tim and L.B. bond over mutual Kill La Kill hate
Tim took over hosting duties while I was away, but don't listen to the shameless lie he feeds you at the beginning of this episode: I was NOT snowboarding. I was skiing, which is completely different! Skiers are graceful athl... read feature

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We explore the sinful underbelly of manga licensing (that I made up)
Brittany couldn't be with us this week, so we had to up the horror quotient of the podcast by talking about the Lovecraftian abomination that is Super Sonico's default outfit. In other news, we're skeptical of any and all Sai... read feature

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History in a meat grinder; The Oda Nobunaga Awards are coming
After a refreshing holiday break, the Jtor AM podcast is back for a new cour-- and you can tell it's all-new, since Tim and Ben are arguing about the animation quality in Space Dandy instead of Kill La Kill. This week's slate... read feature

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Truly, Truly Truly Outrageous
Somehow, we managed to have both Ben and Brittany on the podcast at the same time without the universe spontaneously exploding...unless of course the universe did explode, and I'm talking to you all from some kind of mystical... read feature

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Jtor AM

Jtor AM: Ask us questions!

It's that time again
Dec 16
How did we get all the way to Jtor AM Episode 12 without asking for listener questions? I have no idea; I'm going to have to tag everyone involved, myself included, with critical narcissism failure. Seriously, since the news ... read
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Brittany tells Diabolik Lovers the solemn truth
This week, Ben's too busy being someone else's Valvrave therapist to join us (traitor!), so Brittany Vincent jumps into to the fray. Then the two of us have fun discussing everything that's wrong with the conclusion of D... read feature

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Only Usagi is allowed on the moon, it's the law
What time is it, everybody? GOLDEN TIME!!! Actually it isn't, it's time for the latest episode of Jtor AM, but Golden Time is involved, so it's kind of true. This week: the Toonami people try to get us hyped about a new anime... read feature

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Emotional fallout from the whole sudden magic gorilla development
In return for Ben kindly volunteering to be my official Valvrave: The Liberator therapist, this week I decide to pay him back by becoming his official Samurai Flamenco therapist. Unfortunately for Ben, he's a much better... read feature

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Who the hell is Goto's girlfriend already?
The most important thing you need to know about this week's Jtor AM is that Ben has become my official Valvrave therapist; if you want your own Valvrave therapist, you're just going to have to find someone else, because I've ... read feature

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Satsuki can kill a man with a teacup
This week, my dreams come true as Brittany joins the podcast and I finally get to talk about Diabolik Lovers. Ben apparently decided to have some kind of a life and couldn't join us this time, but it's probably just as well, ... read feature

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Don't type while I recap Valvrave
As per usual, this week we discuss all the exciting news in the world of anime: Viz continues to expand, Crunchyroll is dominating the market One Piece at a time, something clearly financial in nature happened at some point, ... read feature

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Simulpub, Simuldub
This week, Tim is too hung over to even care about dubbed Space Dandy, which makes him pretty darn hung over. In fact, in this listless state, he's like the natural enemy of Sal "OMG I'm so psyched I'm so psyched!" G-Rod... read feature

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Also, Valvrave is WHERE IT'S AT
If you've ever wanted to know exactly how to pronounce "Salvador G-Rodiles," boy is this the podcast for you. We spend some time discussing the latest Phoenix Right game, the strange puzzle of Becky Cruel's internet existence... read feature

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Is it really so much to ask?
We start off this episode without Ben (since he was apparently too busy conducting a ritual burning of all of his Bakemonogatari merchandise to participate), but he joins us by the time we get to Samurai Flamenco, which is al... read feature

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And sometimes animation
It's not even a week after our first episode, and here's another installment of Jtor AM! I would say that this is a reward for being good boys and girls, but I'll bet that some of you have been watching bad dating sim adaptat... read feature

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Now with existence!
What else can I say: the Japanator podcast is back. Myself, Tim, Ben and Sal sat down to talk about anime and video game news, the fall anime roster, and whether or not koala bears are deserving of love and adoration or com... read feature

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