Podtoid-chan: Queen's Blade

Apr 10
Synopsis: In a world where might makes right, women fight each other to become the Queen? Leina runs away from her kingdom, and ends up encountering Risty, super busty bandit of justice. Sorry for being sniffly Japanatorians,... read

Podtoid-chan: K-on!

Apr 07
Welcome to Kyoto Animation's newest animed show, K-on!You can listen to the mini-cast here (6:34), and/or hit the jump for the synopsis.  read

Podtoid-chan: Hayate no Gotoku!!

Apr 06
The second exclamation means that its the second season. More commonly referred to as Hayate the Combat Butler, the show has recently started their second season, and you can see it on CrunchyRoll. No joke, FUNimation did one... read

Podtoid-san 95: You've got questions, we've got answers

Feb 13
Okay, it wasn't necessarily a Q&A session per say, but we decided to address some of the comments from our recent NYCC coverage. That said, I could think of no better way than to record a quick, high audio quali... read

Podtoid-san 75: Brave New World

Dec 28
In less than a week it'll be 2009, which means going back to work or school. I know, I know, terrible happenings. Well heat up mp3 playing devices, because Podtoid-san will be there to color the drab monotony of our monochrom... read

Podtoid-san 75: Drunk at the wheels edition

Nov 21
Well, it's that time again to go and record episode 75 of our podcast. You hear that? We're 3/4 of the way to 100! And for such a momentous show... I won't be there. I've left the podcast in the hands of God Len and Gia, so y... read

Podtoid-san 74: We is Alive! Edition

Nov 20
This is a triumph, we are still alive! Well, at least for another week we are. Welcome to another brand-spankin’ new edition of Podtoid-san, the internet’s greatest podcast about anime and Japanese pubic hair (or ... read

Podtoid-san 74: We is Alive! edition

Nov 13
So, guess what's happening tomorrow at 2pm EST. Yeah, the title kinda gave it away, didn't it? Well, it's time to submit your reader questions in preparation for this week's show! I mean, we've got news about Geneon, Valkyria... read

Podtoid-san 73: Hell in a handbasket edition

Oct 25
It has been a long time, or at least felt like a long time without our friend Podtoid-san. Well, worry not because episode 73 is here! This time we have two of you (readers) on our show, which happen to be IcyStorm and CalAgg... read

Podtoid-san 73: Hell in a handbasket edition

Oct 17
I've been put in charge. That should spell enough doom for the show.But, besides that, we've got an action-packed episode planned out for you. We'll be getting into the new season of anime, and go through some of our first im... read

Podtoid-san 72: New York Anime Festival edition (Bow Tie edition)

Oct 04
We have a super crazy podcast for you today, recorded straight from the pigeon filled halls of New York Anime Festival. If that isn’t cool enough, we also have Del Rey’s Ali Kokmen on the show as a special guest, ... read

Podtoid-san: NYAF contest contender edition!

Sep 23
Here we go! It’s time for all of you to hear your fellow Japanator readers perform lines from Gurren Lagann and Lucky Star. For those of you who are living on the moon, preparing to one day invade the Earth and kill us ... read

Podtoid-san 70: Floods of fun edition

Sep 18
Texas may have dried up again, but my heart has yet to heal. Tune into this weeks recording to hear the terror stories of the terrible temporary tenants. Regale as you hear their drunken exploits! Also, Zac Bentz comes out of... read

Podtoid-san 70: A flood of fun edition

Sep 14
I have to wonder if anyone outside of Texas even noted it, but we in the lone star state were flipping out over this tropical storm... thing. Granted, the worst part for me wasn't the high water or blackouts, its the terribly... read

Podtoid-san 69: Reunion edition

Sep 10
We’re back! I’ll pause now for the world to celebrate. Well, after about a month of sadness without your favorite podcast, we have returned and are better than ever. Each of us have evolved over these few weeks an... read

Okay, okay... I blame Baltimore. Every time I visit terrible things seem to happen. Last year the website went down, and spoiler-san died. This year's catastrophes included me losing my job, PTS going unrecorded, and Len star... read feature

Podtoid-san 68/Spoiler-san 12 - Otakon special

Aug 24
As promised, the special edition compilation. While its not a Kevin Smith reprinting, I'm proud to say we repackaged previous content with a pretty bow. Mostly because it was a lot of work/fun and we've been resting ever sinc... read

Podtoid-san 67: "I am the Bat" edition

Aug 03
Why so serious? Is it because Podtoid-san has been absent from your life, or because of something a little more heinous? I will take a moment here to apologize for the delay, for I have become the Batman and have been catchin... read

Podtoid-san 67: "I am the Bat" edition

Jul 18
So I'm sure I had plenty of other things I wanted to talk about... but then I watched Batman. Sweet symphonies from serendipitous sirens have descended upon me, so now we're gonna talk about Gotham Knight. For those unaware, ... read

Podtoid-san 66(6): A hint of Satan edition

Jul 17
Next time you want to learn about the weather, talk to a cricket. According to scientists you can figure out the current temperature by counting the number of chirps for 15 seconds and add 40 to that number. But what crickets... read

Podtoid-san 66(6): A hint of Satan edition

Jul 12
Okay, before we're the center of some campaign linking Spike Spigal to Satanism, it was just a title. I expect there to be very little Satan in this recording. Its just a title... and after 65 other titles, its gotten harder ... read

Podtoid-san 65: The one from Anime Expo 2008

Jul 10
Here's another "live" Podtoid-san, this time from Anime Expo 2008. Looking back at last weekend, I don't know we found the time to actually record this! It was pretty late at night when we finally got to this record... read

Podtoid-san 64: Not quite as cool as Mario 64, but still fun edition

Jul 03
Mario 64 is one of those games that belongs in a museum. It was the first of its kind, and was the foundation behind a genre. Podtoid-san 64 might not be as cool as Mario 64, but belongs in a museum as well. Of course Podtoid... read

Podtoid-san 63: I'm In Ur AnimeNEXT, Blogging Your Panels edition

Jun 29
Gia and I had a fantastic time at AnimeNEXT, let me tell you. The only thing that marred the whole time was John, who refused to do Podtoid-san, leaving it up to Gia and me to record the show. Of course, we were lacking micro... read

Podtoid-san 64: Not quite as cool as Mario 64, but still fun edition

Jun 27
Things to discuss:ADV wants to sell you office suppliesReview: Maid MachinegunReview: Haridama Magic Cram SchoolThings to keep you busy:WallpapersAnime BatmanJapanator JeopardyThere'll be fun abounding this week as we as chip... read

Podtoid-san 62: In Soviet Russia, Face Books YOU!

Jun 23
In Soviet Russia, you write the intro paragraph, but unfortunately for me, Soviet Russia does not exist anymore. They used to make life so much easier back then by doing everything we didn’t want to do as part of, what ... read

Podtoid-san 63: I'm In Ur AnimeNext, Blogging Ur Panels Edition

Jun 20
Hey everyone, it'sa me! Gia!So Brad and I are yucking it up at Anime Next with any number of people, including reader KuronoK, AnimeAlmanac's Scott, Ani-Gamers' Vampt Vo, Anime Next staffer Trisha, and anyone else who can sta... read

Yes, its true, Japanator is in your Facebook, stealing your friends. No, seriously, after getting bored in summer classes I start group inviting everyone of your friends. This is done hoping you were a closeted fan, and thus ... read feature

Podtoid-san 61: Tokyopopped edition

Jun 13
Podtoid-san 61 has arrived, and this time we bring you special guest Brigid from Magablog.net, who happens to be the worlds greatest expert on everything manga; or at least that’s what my ninjas tell me.  As you al... read

Podtoid-san 61: Tokyopopped edition

Jun 07
A-kon is done with, and your intrepid heroes are attempting to catch up on some sleep. Unless, of course, you're Dale North, who throws super jealously inspiring barbecues. On the official side of things, the largest news thi... read

Podtoid-san 60: 'This is A-kon' edition

Jun 06
When I look back, A-Kon 19 was a total blur. My mind is filled with random images of whiskey, sashimi, Kagami poseable figures, side boob, and more, and I can't make sense of any of it. I guess it's a good thing that we recor... read

Spoiler-san 09: Currently running recap

Jun 04
// <a href="http://dictionary.reference.com/audio.html/lunaWAV/S08/S0828900" target="_blank"><img src=&a... read

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