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Welcome to the first edition of OP Up!, a weekly selection of anime opening videos that is here to help you get through your Wednesday to the end of the week. This week's theme is about Super Robot anime and the many opening ... read feature

Surveillance robot photo
Surveillance robot

Japan Ministry of Defense's surveillance robot is almost ready to roll out

Transformation feature included
Jan 02
Good news, everyone! It turns out that the Japanese Ministry of Defense's Technical Research and Development Institute is close to finishing their special surveillance robot. Going by the name of the Throwable Type Reconnaiss... read
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A Daily Dose of Anime Openings: 80's Week

It's a Xabungle out there
Jul 09
Alright kids, time to load up on the hairspray, neon bracelets, and your favorite denim jacket. We are going back to the 80's! Being a child of the 80's the anime of the time left a huge impression on me, that I really didn'... read
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Fan poll selects most powerful robot

Nobody expects the cat robot
Jun 26
The argument about the strongest robots in anime is one that will continue in perpetuity. I mean, it's hard to get any sort of consensus about what to even include on the list. Giant robots are one thing, but do you include a... read
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Gundam: RiG

Gundam: Reconguista in G gets way more info

Tomino's latest Gundam show gets detailed
Jun 23
Sunrise dropped a ton of new info on the official Gundam: Reconguista in G website. In addition to a newly available trailer, we now have updated info on staff and cast, as well as several of the main 'bots you'll be seeing ... read
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Discotek Media licenses Super Dimension Century Orguss

Gimmie all those obscure 80's robots
Jun 17
Continuing in their bid to license and/or rescue all the awesome old properties, Discotek Media will release Super Dimension Century Orguss sometime next year. All 35 episodes will be available with the Japanese language trac... read
Dragon Ball photo
Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z's Androids names revealed

These names rock. Or they're gems, I can't tell
May 06
Did you ever feel like you didn't know enough about the young, hip Androids 17 & 18 from Dragon Ball Z? Well, thanks to Akira Toriyama answering questions in a Q&A column, we finally know the names of our favorite and... read
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Longest gattai sequence ever
I secretly loved Star Driver. The ridiculously over-the-top posing, flashiness, strange imagery, and the beautiful animation; it all came together to make for an entertaining whirlwind of confusion and glee. That shouldn't co... read feature

Landwalker photo
Well this Japanese company makes them
Ah, I can see it now. It's 2015, and people have started to use robots instead of cars. Wouldn't that be awesome? Well luckily for us, a Japanese company built one, and you could be piloting it as we speak. Sakakibara Kikai h... read feature

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Robotech Movie gets fan remaster

Uses footage from original releases
Feb 10
As much as I've loved any franchise, I don't think I've put as much work into anything as much as Robotech Motion Comics has in this video they posted back in November of 2013. In it, they remastered Robotech: The Movie by pu... read
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Mobile Suit Gundam

New Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story announced

First entry in series in the last 11 years
Jan 22
In the last couple of years, the only two types of Mobile Suit Gundam games I've seen come out are either part of the Musou series or of the Extreme variety. You're either crushing a ton of chump units in space or you're duki... read
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Anime-style robot on science journal causes rage

Apparently, cute robo-maids aren't in vogue
Jan 18
When you think of robotics, what's the first thing to come to mind? For me, I think of the killing machines from the Terminator series. For most others that aren't hellbent on seeing a robot apocalypse, they might think of cu... read
Aquarion Evol photo
They take gattai very seriously
When you think Shoji Kawamori, his work on Macross immediately comes to mind. It's been one of the most influential properties in Japan since it's debut. However, another major show that Kawamori worked on is Aquarion. You mi... read feature

Nobunaga photo

Nobunaga the Fool is looking like a good time

Angst, robots, and swords
Dec 09
I was getting worried about what anime I would be watching this Winter season. For some reason nothing was really lining up with my tastes, until my buddy Jeff Chuang mentioned that Macross's Shoji Kawamori was behind the up... read
Cosplay photo

Brooklyn Robotworks brings your favorite bots to life

Where's my Gypsy Danger?
Nov 27
There's always some guy at a convention that tries to look like a robot. Whether there's a bit of effort or a simple Cardboard Gundam, you're bound to find somebody clomping around in a suit. While that's all well and good, t... read
Hello Kitty photo
Hello Kitty

Chogokin Hello Kitty will shoot you with her rocket paw

Cutest cool Japan mashup in recent years
Nov 07
There's a Chogokin Hello Kitty figure in the works. That's huge news for people who know what Chogokin means, but for the rest of you this means soon you would be able to purchase a Hello Kitty toy with rocket punch.  Ro... read
Godannar photo
A marriage of robots & boobs
The robot genre has changed in many ways over the years. For one thing, the stories have become more complicated, incorporating social commentary in an effort to appeal to wider audiences beyond children who are impressed wit... read feature


A Bearguy appears in Shin Dynasty Warriors Gundam

He's been waiting, ready to strike
Oct 02
For me, the best thing to come out of Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G was Bearguy. Designed as a cross between the Zeon Acguy and...a's cute, it's cuddly and it'll zap you with a beam cannon shaped like a rec... read
Science! photo

Japan sent a talking robot to space

and no, it's not Astro Boy.
Aug 14
In a move that could only be described as either totally awesome or fiscally irresponsible, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency -- or JAXA for short -- has delivered a talking robot to the International Space Station. It'... read
Gundam meets Pacific Rim photo
Gundam meets Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim faces off with Gundam

Gundam vs Jaeger?
Aug 13
After becoming a living mecha god after his recent Pacific Rim movie, you'd think that director Guillermo del Toro would be hard to impress. A news crew followed the visionary around Tokyo, making a few stops to buy stuff, a... read
Tranformers GO! photo
Tranformers GO!

What's with Optimus Prime's new look?

What happened here?
Jul 01
Transformers fans may or may have a reason to get excited with the upcoming direct to video release of Transformers GO!, in Japan. There's some pretty slick looking 3D animation going on, the usual twanging guitars, and new&... read
Super Robot Wars OG photo
Super Robot Wars OG

Super Robot Wars OG: Masoukishin 3 coming to PS3/Vita

Time for some hot blooded mech action.
May 07
A leak from this week's Famitsu magazine has revealed that Namco Bandai will be releasing Masoukishin: Pride of Justice on August 22 for the PS3 and Vita. The second game in the Masoukishin saga, Revelation of Evil God, ... read
The clash of the female weapons of mass destruction!
*ding, ding, ding* It's over!  Despite Bit and Liger Zero's slow turning speed, the duo's ability to adapt to any situation was put into place. Knowing that the Strike had the advantage in mobility, Bit attempts to ... read feature


Discotek Media licenses Gunbuster 2: Diebuster

Prepare for hot blood and manly tears
Jan 08
Long time readers may remember that I reviewed Diebuster a couple years back. I fellated the show, and with good reason. It's one of my favorite OVAs, only topped by it's predecessor, Gunbuster. The only problem is that ... read

Robotech fans, prepare to be amazed what love can do

50 seconds that are more impressive than most major films
Jan 04
Remember that fan made Robotech project we got a peak at a while ago? It looks as though this Spanish speaking group isn't messing around, and has some amazing progress on the project. You can really feel the love ... read

A Daily Dose of Music: Old School Thursdays

You can fight!
Dec 06
If you know anything about me, you probably know I am totally obsessed with Transformers. Especially, G1 figures. Today we go far back to the Japanese dub of the Transformers opening theme. The whole lineage of Transformers ... read
cogito ergo sum
Ergo Proxy is an anime I've enjoyed since it first aired, and I was more than willing to grab this review when it came up. Thanks to FUNimation, Ergo Proxy (previously licensed by Geneon) has been rescued and re-released in f... read feature

Fighters, Battroids, Gerwalks, oh my!
Why does anybody really watch a mecha show? Is it for the deep stories that examine the relationships between people? How about the destruction that war causes and how it impacts the soldiers in the middle of it all? Nope, it... read feature


Hop in the 1/1-scale Gundam bust like a real pilot

The Strike Freedom Gundam awaits
Sep 27
If you've ever dreamed of the day you could hop into a Gundam, a real life-sized Gundam, then you might want to take the next flight out to Tokyo and hit up the Gundam Front. The 1/1-scale Gundam Bust of Destiny's Strike Free... read

Clean that Gundam mess up!

Jul 12
The geniuses behind the Gundam franchise always find a way to pull at my heart strings, and even more importantly, empty my wallet. Sharp electronics has joined the Federation this time, and now he amazingly cute Ha... read

Friday Night Fights: Battle Angel Alita vs Major Kusanagi

Jul 06
*ding ding ding* IT'S OVER!! Looks like the killer instinct was too much for Rally. Revy is the winner! (13 > 10) Next up, we have two women androids stepping into the arena. These battle ready androids can do some serious... read

Back in 2005, I remember being in the mood for a light-hearted show. I was pretty bummed out, things weren't going so well, so I looked around for something to watch. I saw that a show called Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, or Kiminozo ... read feature

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