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Time for a winner: Toki Onjouji wins Saimoe 2012

Moe moe mahjong's first Saimoe win
Nov 04
// Josh Tolentino
And it's over! The official 2ch Saimoe 2012 tournament is over (as of a couple of days ago, really), and we have a winner! According to the whims of the internet and the deadly organization of the pro-Saki voting bloc, i...

Damn you, Saki! Moe Mahjong dominates Saimoe group finals

Check and mate! Am I doing it right?
Oct 24
// Josh Tolentino
Imagine my raising a fist and shaking it at the cruelty of the heavens, and you'll have my reaction to the latest news to come out of Saimoe, the yearly contest that rocks the moe world as anime heroines battle it out in...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Award Ceremony

May 14 // jel x
Biggest Upset #10 Hitagi Senjougahara Defeats #2 Kanna Tanigawa Hitagi proved that Senjougahara fascination will never die, crushing Kanna with nearly three times as many votes. That poor girl just can't catch a break. Squid Girl deserves some credit for pulling off a numerically equal upset, but Hitagi gets the nod for winning so decisively. Most Popular Series Nisemonogatari - 5 Entries Taking up a good portion of the opening round and the entire quarterfinal, the Winter bracket was allNisemonogatari all the time. This made for a pretty divisive round as it left out those who did not watch the series, but regardless it gave us eventual finalist Shinobu Oshino. Most Popular Voice Actress Kana Hanazawa - 5 Entries Defending her title from last year, the prolific Ms. Hanazawa once again voiced the most characters in the tournament. Unlike last year however, it was not a total blowout. Up and coming talents Haruka Tomatsu and Kanae Ito were right behind her with three entries each. Best Round of the Tournament Fall Quarterfinal With a memorable three way race and an epic collapse of a #1 seed, the Fall quarterfinal was the match to watch. Established favorites Chie, Poplar and Squid Girl each hung in until the last hour, where a few desperate tweets and last minute votes decided the round. Definitely the most exciting group of the tournament. Honorable Mention Chie Satonaka Despite having a tough bracket and having last been seen in a mediocre game adaptation, Chie overcame the odds and made it all the way to the semifinals. Perhaps most notable though is she managed to do it as a character that doesn't conform to the usual tropes or stereotypes that many of the other girls might fall into. It's no wonder her fans were so passionate about supporting her. So let's give Chie one last round of applause! Championship Runner-Up Shinobu Oshino After basically appearing as a room decoration in Bakemonogatari, Shinobu finally got her chance to shine in the series' sequel this past Winter. Particularly after Nisemonogatari's final episode, it was clear the supremely confident, age-shifting vampire was going to see a huge boost in popularity. With more -monogatari action planned for the future, I'm sure this will not be the last we've seen of Shinobu Oshino. With all other awards and honors covered, it's time to announce our Japanator Saimoe 2012 Champion! Japanator Saimoe 2012 Champion Aika "Chinese Delivery Girl" Nakamura First she stole our 3000 yen when we couldn't finish our Mega Beef Bowl, then she stole our hearts. Was there ever any doubt who this year's champion would be? Sure she wasn't technically "in" the tournament, but she's here now, leaping straight through her portal from the Meat Dimension and onto the Winner's Podium. In fact I... wait hang on, I just got a weird text message. I don't recognize the number, the name is Kyouma something... what does "El Psy Con... .......... Japanator Saimoe 2012 Champion Full Bracket Kurisu Makise There you have it ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 Saimoe Champion is Kurisu Makise! KURISTINA was pretty much invincible throughout the entire tournament, even inspiring some zealous fans to go to town with that guest comment button. The girl's got brains, beauty, is actually of age, and theoretically speaks English. Oh and she may occasionally be found online trolling message boards or yelling at you for being a pervert. Clearly she's a great fit for the Japanator community, so let's hear it one more time for our winner! And with that we have reached the end of this year's tournament! Personally I'd like to thank Brad and Japanator for helping me get posts up and letting me help break in the new site. Special thanks go out to my fellow GLORIOcommunity veterans for their support and input throughout the process. And of course the biggest thanks goes out to you guys and girls, the Japanator community, for coming out and voting and putting up with my terrible tongue in cheek humor. You folks make this one of the coolest and easiest anime fan communities to be a part of. So keep watchin' them crazy Japanese cartoons and we'll see you around.

We've reached the end of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and it has been quite a journey. Over the past two months we selected 64 of our favorite anime girls and week by week narrowed the list down to one. With the final votes cast, we...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Championship Round

May 07 // jel x
Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Updates via Twitter CONTROVERSY! As Japanator Saimoe Commissioner, it is my solemn duty to protect the integrity of the tournament. As a friendly reminder, you get one vote per round. So after some intense analysis of voting patterns, time stamps, and third-party consultations, some of last round's votes have been disqualified. If you're gonna spam votes, at least break them up a little. You know who you are. With order restored I can now present to you our second finalist! Shinobu moves on to play for the championship, making our final matchup a tsundere zombie versus a loli vampire. I cannot think of a more fitting end for our tournament. The only thing left to do now is vote! Leave your vote in the comments as well as any other final words of encouragement for your favorite girl. This is the last round folks, so let it all out! The Championship round will run until Friday, May 11th, 12 Midnight EST, so you have a few days to really think about your decision. Now if you would REALLY like to show your support, grab some of these classy wallpapers and virtually hang them for the next week. I'm sure that will make a huge difference. After that, get your vote in and we will see you at the Award Ceremony! 1024x768 1280x1024 1920x1080 2560x1600 iPhone (640x960) iPad (2048x1536) 1024x768 1280x1024 1920x1080 2560x1600 iPhone (640x960) iPad (2048x1536)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Championship Round of Japanator Saimoe 2012! Our two finalists are ready to go and will soon be locked in the ultimate high stakes battle! Which young lady will stand victorious as the Que...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Spring/Summer Semifinal

Apr 30 // jel x
Winter Quarterfinal Results: Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Updates via Twitter As expected, the all-Nisemonogatari Winter quarterfinal remained close throughout as voters essentially chose their favorite girl from the series. The Fire Sisters held their own and Hitagi has proven we still have some Senjougahara Fascination left in us, but ultimately Shinobu and her expanded screen time could not be stopped. She will take onPersona 4's Chie in the second Semifinal later this week, so stay tuned. And now our first Semifinal matchup: 1. Kurisu "Christina" Makise Voiced by: Asami Imai First Eligible Appearance: Steins;Gate episode 1, April 6th, 2011 Tournament Statistics: Ranked #2 Spring Group Opening Round: 41 votes (2 of 64) Quarterfinal: 44 votes (1 of 4) Defeated: #1 Mayuri Shiina #3 Elsie de Lute Ima #5 Nano Shinonome #7 Professor #10 Mio Naganohara #15 Minko Tsurugi 2. Rin Kaga Voiced by: Ayu Matsuura First Eligible Appearance: Bunny Drop episode 1, July 8th, 2011 Tournament Statistics: Ranked #1 Summer Group Opening Round: 23 votes (tied 11 of 64) Quarterfinal: 30 votes (2 of 4) Defeated: #2 Himari Takakura #3 Yune #5 Minami Shimada #8 Subaru Konoe #9 Kyouko Toshinou #16 Chihaya Kisaragi You guys know the drill at this point. This round will run until Wednesday, May 2nd, 12 Midnight EST, so hit the comments and get voting!

We have arrived at Week 7 of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and the end is coming into view. The final four girls have been decided, and after what looks to be an intense semifinal, we will be ready to vote on our winner! Who will be ...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Winter Quarterfinal

Apr 27 // jel x
Fall Quarterfinal Results:Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Updates via Twitter  Now that was a round for the ages! We witnessed a historic collapse of a #1 seed as well as one the closest three-way races in tournament history. Yamada votes were nowhere to be found as the other three girls battled for position through the first two days. Chie clung to a one point lead for most of the third day until galactic punting the competition in the final moments. The Persona 4 star will face off with one of the Nisemonogatari girls after they finish fighting it out in today's match, so be back May 3rd to vote. And now for our final group of quarterfinalists: 1. Karen Araragi has threatened to kick me if I mention anything involving oral hygiene.  2. Tsukihi Araragi is platinum (insert emotion here).  3. Shinobu Oshino was told there would be donuts at the end of this, proceed with caution.  4. Hitagi Senjougahara will remove those handcuffs if you let her win. So there's your quarterfinalists, now get to voting! We're a little late on this one so we're moving the deadline to Sunday, April 29th, Midnight EST. Let us know your choice in the comments, and we'll see you Monday to for the start of the semifinals!

Japanator Saimoe 2012 continues as the final decisive battle draws near! Three more contestants will be sent home this round, setting us up for our semifinal showdown. Who will be the last girl standing? We are so close to f...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Fall Quarterfinal

Apr 23 // jel x
Summer Quarterfinal Results: Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Updates via Twitter Summer proved to be a solid matchup with three of the four girls in the running for most of the round. Himari was expected to put up a fight, but surprising underdog Minami managed to go one vote better. Still, there seems to be no stopping Rin thus far, and it was only a matter of time before she gained a comfortable lead. The adorable Bunny Drop star hops along to take on Ms. SCIENCY Magazine 2010 in the semifinals, so be back April 30th to have your say in that. Now let's take a look at our Fall Quarterfinalists: 1. Yamada Aoi has been freeloading off your votes this whole time. 2. Poplar Taneshima is hoping to increase her stature in the tournament. 3. Chie Satonaka... eh screw it, KING'S GAME!!! BABY BABY BABY BABY BABY 4. Squid Girl has mastered English to be come the Master of Japanator Saimoe. So those are your four choices, now go ahead and get voting! This round will run until Wednesday, April 25th, 12 Midnight EST, so plan accordingly and we'll see you Thursday to wrap up the quarterfinals!

We're entering week 6 of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and this unstoppable freight train of cute girls and democratic process keeps moving forward! This week features the second half of the quarterfinals, so by this time next week w...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Summer Quarterfinal

Apr 19 // jel x
Spring Quarterfinal Results: Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Updates via Twitter Chalk this one up as a victory for SCIENCE! Voting was close all around for the first day but then surged in Future Lab Member #004's favor. Kurisu went on to crush the other girls, scoring twice as many votes as the second place Nano. She will continue to the semifinals to take on the winner of today's round, so pour yourself a victory Dr. Pepper and be back on April 30th to vote. Speaking of today's round, let's check in on our Summer Quarterfinalists: 1. Rin Kaga has melted whatever is left of your cold, cynical heart. 2. Minami Shimada just got back from teaching her master course on "How to Tsundere". 3. Yune has discovered the fun new world of the Saimoe quarterfinals. 4. Himari Takakura needs you lowlifes who will never amount to anything to obtain some votes! Let your choice be known in the comments along with any other cheers, poetry, or confessions you may have been saving for this round. Voting will run until Saturday, April 21st, 12 Midnight EST, after which we will see you Monday for the Fall group!

Japanator Saimoe 2012 keeps on rolling as we sweep through the quarterfinals! The tension is mounting as three more girls will be eliminated this round, moving us ever so closer to finding the most deservingly adorable anime ...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Spring Quarterfinal

Apr 16 // jel x
Winter Opening Round Results: Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Updates via Twitter We have a sweep! Nisemonogatari dominated the field, taking each of the four groups and posting the largest margins of victory we've seen yet. The only challenger was Mei Misaki, who went blow for blow with Shinobu until a final flurry of votes finished her off. So if you'd like to see a fight between a crab, a bee, a phoenix and a loli vampire make sure you are back here on April 26th for the Winter quarterfinal. With the opening rounds in the books, let's take a look at our Spring Quarterfinalists: 1. Mayuri Shiina is still in the tournament on this timeline. 2. Nano Shinonome just wants to be a normal Saimoe Semifinalist. 3. Elsie de Lute Ima is back on a mission for revenge, assuming there are no fire trucks on the way. 4. Kurisu Makise is mad scientist, is so cooool! Let us know your choice in the comments below. Voting will run until Wednesday, April 18th, 12 Midnight EST, then we'll see you Thursday for the Summer quarterfinal!

We're heading into Week 5 of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and it's time for the quarterfinals! The people have spoken and selected the 16 most worthy animated young ladies from last year to continue on. With only the top entries rem...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Winter Opening Round

Apr 12 // jel x
Fall Opening Round Results: While most of the top seeds managed to hold, we finally had our first major upset! Once again Squid Girl refuses to go home quietly, advancing as a #10 seed and taking down title contender Sena in the process. She'll get her chance to take on the Chie and the Working!! girls when the Winter quarterfinals begin April 25th. And now for our final opening round: Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Updates via Twitter Now let's get voting! Before leaving any other comments, please neatly list the group and then the number of the girl you're voting for. For example: Group 1 - 3 Group 2 - 4 Group 3 - 1 Group 4 - 2 Voting will run until Saturday, April 14th, 12 Midnight EST. There have been quite a few very close groups, so make sure you get your vote in on time. We'll see Monday for the quarterfinals! Group 1: 1. Karen Araragi (Nisemonogatari) 2. Mio Kitahara (Ano Natsu de Matteru) 3. Literature Girl (Daily Lives of High School Boys) 4. Ai Nanasaki (Amagami SS+) Group 2: 1. Remon Yamano (Ano Natsu de Matteru) 2. Tsukihi Araragi (Nisemonogatari) 3. Chiaki "Space Kuroneko" Kurihara (Bodacious Space Pirates) 4. Kaoru "Sex Hair Redux" Tanamachi (Amagami SS+) Group 3: 1. Shinobu Oshino (Nisemonogatari) 2. Mei Misaki (Another) 3. Mayoi Hachikuji (Nisemonogatari) 4. Karuta Roromiya (Inu x Boku SS) Group 4: 1. Kanna Tanigawa (Ano Natsu de Matteru) 2. Ichika Takatsuki (Ano Natsu de Matteru) 3. Hitagi Senjougahara (Nisemonogatari) 4. Ririchiyo Shirakiin (Inu x Boku SS)

Are you ready for the next round of cute anime girl deliberation? Well we've got your fix as Japanator Saimoe 2012 continues! With more than half the field already eliminated, the pressure is mounting for our final opening ro...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Fall Opening Round

Apr 09 // jel x
Summer Opening Round Results: The voting was much closer than the Spring bracket, but ultimately the results were the same. Group 3 in particular was a nail biter with all four girls in contention right down to the end. Will we see if Rin can in fact WIN when the Summer Quarterfinal kicks off April 19th. And now for the Fall Bracket: Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Updates via Twitter With that out of the way, let's get voting! Before leaving any other comments, please neatly list the group and then the number of the girl you're voting for. For example: Group 1 - 3 Group 2 - 4 Group 3 - 1 Group 4 - 2 Voting will run until Wednesday, April 11th, 12 Midnight EST, so don't miss out! We'll see you again Thursday for the Winter opening round. Group 1: 1. Yamada Aoi (Working!!) 2. Mahiru Inami (Working!!) 3. Nanako Dojima (Persona 4 The Animation) 4. Rika Shiguma (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) Group 2: 1. Poplar Taneshima (Working!!) 2. Kobato Hasegawa (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) 3. Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4 The Animation) 4. Fear Kubrick (C3) Group 3: 1. Chie Satonaka (Persona 4 The Animation) 2. Irisviel von Einzbern (Fate/Zero) 3. Yozora Mikazuki (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) 4. Chihaya Ayase (Chihayafuru) Group 4: 1. Sena "Meat" Kashiwazaki (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) 2. Sen Yarizui (Ben-To) 3. Squid Girl (Squid Girl Season 2) 4. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

We're kicking of week 4 of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and the competition is as fierce as ever! With two more opening rounds to cover this week we are inching closer and closer to crowning our Saimoe Queen. The Fall bracket f...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Summer Opening Round

Apr 05 // jel x
Spring Opening Round Results: As tough as some the decisions in the Spring group may have been, the top seeds still dominated at the end of the day. The only minor upset came from Nano over Menma, but I don't think that was much of a shock to anyone. She will face off with the Steins;Gate girls and a resurgent Elsie when the Quarterfinals begin on April 16th. Now on to the Summer bracket: Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Updates via Twitter Alright, time to vote! Before leaving any other comments, please neatly list the group and then the number of the girl you're voting for. For example: Group 1 - 3 Group 2 - 4 Group 3 - 1 Group 4 - 2 Voting will run until Saturday, April 7th, 12 Midnight EST. So get those votes in and we'll see you Monday for the Fall group! Group 1: 1. Rin Kaga (Bunny Drop) 2. Subaru Konoe (Mayo Chiki!) 3. Kyouko Toshino (Yuru Yuri) 4. Chihaya Kisaragi ([email protected]) Group 2: 1. Makoto Kikuchi ([email protected]) 2. Minami Shimada (Baka and Test Season 2) 3. Dalian (The Mystic Archives of Dantalian) 4. Ringo Oginome (Mawaru Penguindrum) Group 3: 1. Yune (Croisee In a Foreign Labyrinth) 2. Utao Kuga (Kamisama Dolls) 3. Ayano Sugiura (Yuru Yuri) 4. Shouko Kirishima (Baka and Test Season 2) Group 4: 1. Himari Takakura (Mawaru Penguindrum) 2. Miki Hoshii ([email protected]) 3. Yuuko "Alice" Shionji (Heaven's Memo Pad) 4. Chitose Ikeda (Yuru Yuri)

Japanator Saimoe 2012 rolls on but our quest to find the most dangerously endearing girl in anime has only just begun! The Spring opening round is in the books but there is still plenty of good ol' fashioned internet debate t...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Spring Opening Round

Apr 02 // jel x
Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Updates via Twitter Now on to the voting! Before leaving any other comments, please neatly list the group and then the number of the girl you're voting for. For example: Group 1 - 3 Group 2 - 4 Group 3 - 1 Group 4 - 2 That's all there is to it, so get to work and we'll see you Thursday for the Summer opening round! Group 1: 1. Mayuri "Mayushii" Shiina (Steins;Gate) 2. Naruko "Anaru" Anjou (Ano Hana) 3. Shiro (Deadman Wonderland) 4. Msyu ([C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control) Group 2: 1. MENMAAAAAA!!!!! (Ano Hana) 2. nanonanonanonanonanonano! (Nichijou/My Ordinary Life) 3. Ohana Matsumae (Hanasaku Iroha) 4. Haqua du Lot Herminium (The World God Only Knows II) Group 3: 1. Elucia "Elsie" de Lute Ima (The World God Only Knows II) 2. Erio Touwa (Denpa Onna) 3. Ryuuko "Ryuushi" Mifune (Denpa Onna) 4. Yuuko "Yukko" Aioi (Nichijou/My Ordinary Life) Group 4: 1. KURISTINA Makise (Steins;Gate) 2. hakasehakasehakasehakasehakasehakase! (Nichijou/My Ordinary Life) 3. Mio Naganohara (Nichijou/My Ordinary Life) 4. Minko Tsurugi (Hanasaku Iroha)

ARE YOU READY TO SAIMOE? The sixty-four most HHNNGGGG-worthy ladies from the previous year of anime have been selected for battle as Japanator Saimoe 2012 starts NOW! With the nomination period over, it's vote or die from her...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Winter Nominations

Mar 29 // jel x
In case you've been hibernating the past three months, here are some of the eligible shows from Winter: Amagami SS+ Ano Natsu de Matteru Another Aquarion Evol Black Rock Shooter Bodacious Space Pirates Daily Lives of Highschool Boys The Familiar of Zero Final Highschool DxD Inu x Boku SS Listen to Me Girls, I Am Your Father Nisemonogatari Rinne no Lagrange Symphogear Please list your nominees clearly and try to use proper names when possible. You can nominate as many characters as you like but keep in mind only 16 will make the tournament. Nominations will be open untilSaturday, March 31st, 12 Midnight EST. Full rules and schedule can be found here. The full bracket will be available for the opening round of voting on Monday, so look forward to it!

We've reached the final nomination round of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and we are just a few days away from starting the tournament in full! To prepare for the upcoming Anime Girl Apocalypse though, we need nominees for the Winter...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Fall Nominations

Mar 26 // jel x
To make life a little easier, here's some of the eligible shows from the Fall 2011 season: Bakuman Season 2 Ben-To Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai) C3 Chihayafuru Fate/Zero Future Diary Guilty Crown Horizon In The Middle of Nowhere Kimi to Boku Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing Maken-Ki Mashiro-iro Symphony Persona 4 The Animation Phi Brain Shakugan no Shana III Squid Girl Season 2 WORKING!! Season 2 Please list your nominees clearly and try to use proper names when possible. You can nominate as many characters as you like but keep in mind only 16 will make the tournament. Nominations will be open untilWednesday, March 28th, 12 Midnight EST. Full rules and schedule can be found here. See you Thursday!

We're kicking off week 2 of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and there is still plenty of anime-girl-debate to be had! With half the field yet to be decided, now is the perfect opportunity to jump in and let the rest of the Japantor com...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Summer Nominations

Mar 24 // jel x
Need a little help remembering last Summer? Here are some of the eligible shows: Baka and Test season 2 Blood C Bunny Drop Croisée In A Foreign Labyrinth A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives Heaven's Memo Pad The [email protected] Kamisama Dolls Mawaru Penguindrum Mayo Chiki No. 6 R-15 Ro-Kyu-Bu Sacred Seven Yuru Yuri Please list your nominees clearly and try to use proper names when possible. You can nominate as many characters as you like but keep in mind only 16 will make the tournament. Nominations will be open untilSunday, March 25th, 12 Midnight EST. Full rules and schedule can be found here. Have fun and keep it friendly, we'll be back Monday for the next round.

Japanator Saimoe 2012 continues with Summer nominations and we're just getting warmed up! Now is your chance to nominate sixteen more of your favorite anime girls and mathematically prove which one is best. Do you really want...

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Spring Nominations

Mar 20 // jel x
As a friendly reminder, here are a few of the shows that are eligible for the Spring bracket: A Channel Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai Astarotte's Toy Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Dog Days Hanasaku Iroha Nichijou/My Ordinary Life Steins;Gate The World God Only Knows Season 2 Please list your nominees clearly and try to use proper names when possible. You can nominate as many characters as you like but keep in mind only 16 will make the tournament. Nominations will be open until Thursday, March 22nd, 12 Midnight EST. Full rules and schedule can be found here. Have fun nominating and we'll see you Friday for the next round!

Get those anime season charts and wiki pages ready because Japanator Saimoe 2012 starts today! In the year since our last tournament we've seen dozens of memorable new characters as well as some returning contenders. Now's th...


March Madness! Japanator Saimoe 2012 Begins Next Week

Mar 12
// jel x
Need a break from all the basketball talk? Feeling more inclined to discuss tsunderes and yanderes than point guards and power forwards? Well save some strength in that writing hand for one more bracket because it's time for ...

Puella Magi Madoka Magica continued to be the big story well into the finals as Mami and Kyouko both secured 53 percent of the vote to knock out Squid Girl and Ruri respectively. The only Puella Magi causality ...


Saimoe 2011: Elite Eight and the home stretch

Oct 27
// Jeff Chuang
I'll be the first to admit: A lot of things happened during this year's 2ch Saimoe tournament and it flashed by before I could've seized the moment and write it up. Perhaps with the quarterfinal redraw break we can regroup an...

Saimoe 2011 returns with round 1, tough pick off the bat

Aug 15 // Jeff Chuang
Our C-Blog has already sounded off as the girls headed for the races a month ago, but now we have the full roster. If you haven't checked it out, you can always find it at Anon's Saimoe site. If you want a try at voting in perhaps the most convoluted online poll ever, you can find the abbreviated details at last year's coverage. Of course, you can also go to for the full details! Some of my highlights, beyond the usual cast and the new crew of heroines from 2010-2011: Everyone and their mother are surprised at Sui Shijima, the grand matron of Kissuisou of Hanasaku Iroha. Ruka Urushibara of Steins;Gate is on the list. But will his or her gender really matter? Ai Haibara from Detective Conan makes her 8th consecutive appearance in Saimoe tournament proper. What is Charlotte, really? The surprise biter from Madoka Magica also makes an appearance. What are your picks? Favorites or hate-vote targets? Let's hear them!

A little later than previous years, but Saimoe round one has begin in earnest today. Those Japanese otaku returning from Comiket or Oban break are now hammering the code-generating server, because not only I can't get a code ...

Japanator Saimoe 2011: Award Ceremony

Apr 29 // jel x
The video contains a general recap of the tournament results, hands out a few awards, and crowns our Champion. To help you sit through my stat mongering and amateur video skills, I'm assisted by the lovely Nodoka Manabe, my personal favorite girl who didn't make the cut. If you prefer you can also read on for the text version with some additional commentary.Notable ResultsOpening Round (Total Number of Votes)1. Kanade Tachibana (61 TIE)1. Ruri "Kuroneko" Gokou (61 TIE)3. Yuki Nagato (56 TIE)3. Mikoto Misaka (56 TIE)Quarterfinals1. Kanade Tachibana (52)2. Rin Tohsaka (47)3. Homura Akemi (46)4. Ruri "Kuroneko" Gokou (44)Semifinals1. Ruri "Kuroneko" Gokou (81)2. Kanade Tachibana (70)3. Homura Akemi (56)4. Rin Tohsaka (53)Awards and HonorsBiggest Upset: TIE10 Ai Nanasaki over 2 Shino Amakusa11 Tsumugi Kotobuki over 3 Celty SturlusonMugi won her Opening Round as a lower seed and took down big names Celty and Nino, but she only won by 3 and let's be honest, she's Mugi. Ai may have been the bigger surprise, not only winning her round but easily beating out a #2 seed, Shino, who looked pretty strong during nominations.Most Popular Round:Fall/Winter Semifinal (137 Total Votes)Just beating out the Fall Quarterfinal by one vote, you guys just couldn't stay away from Kuroneko vs. Homura. The fact that it coincided with the Madoka finale may have had something to do with it, but Kuroneko ended up winning regardless.Most Popular Series: TIEK-ON!! (5 Entries)Amagami SS (5 Entries)It wasn't too surprising that these shows had so many entries in their respective groups, but it was a bit unexpected that neither survived the Quarterfinals. Perhaps the ensemble casts canceled each other out?Most Popular Seiyuu:Kana Hanazawa (8 Entries)This one wasn't even close with several seiyuu tied for second at THREE. Ms. Hanazawa had three entries in a SINGLE SEASON. The fact that she voiced both Finalists only cemented the fact that 2010 was her year.Honorable Mention:Elsie de Lute IrmaPoor Elsie caught all the tough breaks. Not only was she in the toughest bracket, she ended up going out on a judge's decision to Ika Musume... a decision that haunts me as I am now watching her adorable self in TWGOK season 2. She earns the Honorable Mention because she deserved a better fate and would have probably gone much further in some of the other groups. Sorry!Championship Runner Up:Kanade TachibanaAfter demolishing everyone in her path Kanade finally hit a wall when she faced her fellow Kana Hanazawa-voiced opponent in the Championship. She certainly put up a fight though, only losing by 2 points in one of closest matches of the tournament.That leaves us with only one more award to hand out. Time to announce our Champion! *drumroll....*Complete BracketWOW what a way to finish! The Championship Round lived up to the expectations as both Kanade and Kuroneko traded the lead back and forth until Kuroneko finally secured the votes she needed. So we can now officially crown Ruri "Kuroneko" Gokou as our Japanator Saimoe Champion!Looking back at how she got here, her path certainly wasn't easy. While Kanade breezed through to the finals, Kuroneko faced a particularly difficult road, facing a tough bracket filled with other top contenders like Nagato and Mikoto Misaka. In the end though, whatever curse she put on all of us seemed to work as she is now the reigning Champ. All hail the Queen of Darkness!So that officially concludes Japanator Saimoe 2011! Thanks for participating, and I hope you all had as much fun with it as I did. All that's left to do now is leave us with any final thoughts or comments you might have about the tournament. Anything in particular you liked or disliked? Is there something you would have done different? Are you still mad that Girl X lost against Girl Y? Go ahead and tell us... and maybe we'll see you next year?

[I'd like to take a quick moment to thank jel x for running this tournament and to all of you who participated in this. It's great to see everyone come together and have fun on an event like this. Please give jel x ...

Japanator Saimoe 2011: Championship Round

Apr 25 // jel x
Fall/Winter Quarterfinal RecapFull Bracket *UPDATED* | Rules & Schedule | Voting Updates @jelx23It looks like 2011 will in fact be the year of Kana Hanazawa as Kuroneko will face Kanade in our final round. Much like her Spring season counterpart, Kuroneko jumped out to an early lead and never looked back while, much like Rin, Homura fans debated exactly how moe she really is. I think Madoka fans will be OK after getting that great series finale. Now as far as Saimoe is concerned, we've got a little bit further to go, so let's move on to the voting! [Fucking Kuroneko. Homura was robbed. -- Brad]Ladies and Gentleman, the Championship Round:Cool Fan Art by Umeboshitora1. Kanade Tachibana2. Ruri "Kuroneko" GokouWe've been talking about these girls for almost two months now, so there's really not much more to say. Leave your vote and whatever passionate pleas you need to make in the comments below, and voting will end Thursday, April 28th, 12:00 Midnight EST.  If you have any strength remaining consider this bonus question: Out of the 48 girls eliminated in the Opening Round, who do you think deserves an honorable mention? Maybe you feel they got a tough draw or you just really like that particular girl. Whatever your reason, now is your chance to give them one last shout out. So feel free to include ONE girl in your comment, and in our final post they might just get a little more of the credit they deserve.

We've reached the 8th and final week of Japanator Saimoe and the time has arrived for us to choose a Champion! It's been a long journey, sorting through an entire years worth of anime, choosing 64 girls (OK, 62 girls and 2 gu...

Japanator Saimoe 2011: Fall/Winter Semifinal

Apr 21 // jel x
Spring/Summer Semifinal RecapFull Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Voting Updates @jelx23Despite some passionate campaigning from the Rin camp, Kanade continued to do what she has done all tournament: destroy the competition. Rin kept things close through the first day, but by the end of day 2 the match was over. Kanade punches her ticket for Monday's Championship Round and will meet the winner of today's Semifinal.Speaking of which, let's take one last look at our Semifinalists and how they got here:Ruri "Kuroneko" GokouVoiced by: Kana HanazawaFirst Eligible Appearance: Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 2 - October 10th, 2010Tournament StatisticsRanked #2 Fall GroupOpening Round: 61 (Tied 1st of 64)Quarterfinal: 44 (4th of 16)Defeated:#1 Yuki Nagato#3 Mikoto Misaka#4 Ika Musume#7 Last Order#10 Kneesocks#15 StockingHomura AkemiVoiced by: Chiwa SaitoFirst Eligible Appearance: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode 1 - January 7th, 2011Tournament StatisticsRanked #1 Winter GroupOpening Round: 48 (6th of 64)Quarterfinal: 46 (3rd of 16)Defeated:#2 Victorique de Blois#3 Charlotte Dunois#4 Eucliwood Hellscythe#8 Haruna#9 Kyouko Sakura#16 HildegardeThis round runs until Saturday, April 23rd, 12:00 Midnight EST. We are very close to the end, so your votes count now more than ever! Along with your vote, leave your comments, pics, links, fliers, handbills, and other promotional materials below. Let's have a good, clean match and we'll see you in the Finals!

Welcome back to Japanator Saimoe, the only tournament governed by the Four Laws of Moe and possibly the Quantum Seinen Theory, should someone decide to write that. We've reached the second half of our Semifinals, and we're on...

Japanator Saimoe 2011: Spring/Summer Semifinal

Apr 18 // jel x
Winter Quarterfinal RecapFull Bracket *UPDATED* | Rules & Schedule | Voting Updates @jelx23The Winter group seemed like it was going to be a blowout, but it turned out to be a really close match. Homura got off to a good start, but Victorique kept nipping away at her lead. The Gosick star even received the most votes after Day 1, but she fell short in the end. Charlotte also managed to stay in the conversation, but unfortunately for Zombie fans Yuu was unable to keep up. Homerun-chan swings for the fences this Thursday when she faces Kuroneko in our second Semifinal round.Now on to the voting! Let's take one more look at our Semifinalists and how they got here:1. Kanade "Tenshi" TachibanaVoiced by: Kana HanazawaFirst Eligible Appearance: Angel Beats! Episode 1 - April 3rd, 2010Tournament StatisticsRanked #1 Spring GroupOpening Round: 61 (Tied for 1st of 64)Quarterfinal: 52 (1st of 16)Defeated:#4 Yui#7 Mio Akiyama#8 Yui Hirisawa#9 Joey Jones#11 Tsumugi Kotobuki#16 Ritsu Tainaka2. Rin TohsakaVoiced by: Kana UedaFirst Eligible Appearance: Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - September 30th, 2010Tournament StatisticsRanked #6 Summer GroupOpening Round: 42 (11th of 64)Quarterfinal: 47 (2nd of 16)Defeated:#1 Miya Tachibana#3 Kaoru Tanamachi#4 Ryouko Ookami#10 Ai Nanasaki#11 Ringo Akai#14 Haruka MorishimaThis round runs until Wednesday, April 20th, 12:00 Midnight EST. We're almost at the end now folks, so empty the tank! Along with your own vote, leave your impassioned pleas to your fellow community members below, and we will see who makes the Championship round.

It's Week 7 of Japanator Saimoe and we've finally reached the Semifinals. The four remaining ladies will square off for a chance to win the most coveted title any young girl drawn by a Japanese animator could hope for: Japana...

Japanator Saimoe 2011: Winter Quarterfinal

Apr 14 // jel x
Fall Quarterfinal RecapWow, what a round! This was a really tough round to choose just one girl, and it showed in the results. All four girls managed to stay competitive through the first day, ending with a slight edge to Misaka. But Kuroneko, who started a little slow, fought her way back as votes trickled in through day 2 and 3. The Mistress of Darkness awaits the winner of the Winter group in the Semifinals starting April 21st.Now for our final Quarterfinal match! Let's see who is up:Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Voting Updates @jelx231. Homura Akemi asked me to keep this spoiler free, which rules out any witty remarks I may have.2. Eucliwood Hellscythe seems to be really quiet about all of this.3. Charlotte Dunois is trying so hard, but will probably get shoved aside for tenuous plot reasons.4. Victorique de Blois is still laughing about her easy victory last round. aw haw haw haw haw haw...You've got until Saturday, April 16th, 12:00 Midnight EST to vote, so post away in the comments. As always, include your pics, videos, poetry, fanfiction, whatever you need to make your case for your favorite girl.

We've reached the final round of the Japanator Saimoe Quarterfinals, and as the number of girls dwindles we are counting down to our #1 anime starlet of the year. We had some great competition last round and it looks like we ...

Japanator Saimoe 2011: Fall Quarterfinal

Apr 11 // jel x
Summer Quarterfinal RecapSo where have all the Rin fans been hiding? After making the tournament with only average support, Rin has rolled through the first two rounds with increasing ease. This round was pretty much a wrap in the first few hours of voting, putting her on a collision course with Kanade in the Semifinals. The showdown takes place April 18th, so make sure you don't miss it.Now on to the main event! Let's see how our Fall Quarterfinalists are doing:Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Voting Updates @jelx231. MOE Nagato wants you to join the "Saimoe Winners' Club". Sign here.2. Ika Musume has granted us a stay of execution. For now.3. Mikoto Misaka can't decide what your penalty will be if she wins.4. Kuroneko has temporarily cast aside her veil of darkness and HHHNNNGGG wait what was I saying?This looks to be a very competitive match and unfortunately, only one girl can advance. So don't go down without a fight! Along with your vote, post your pics, videos, quotes, memes, cblogs, whatever you think it will take to get the job done. This round runs until Wednesday, April 13th, 12:00 Midnight EST, so vote away!

It's already Week 6 of Japanator Saimoe and we're sprinting for the finish line! Only 10 girls remain, so it won't be long before our 2D lady of choice is standing on the winner's podium.Ladies and Gentleman, this is the mome...

Japanator Saimoe 2011: Summer Quarterfinal

Apr 07 // jel x
Spring Quarterfinal Recap:I'm running out of ways to say "Kanade destroyed everything" but it just keeps happening. In the early going Mugi and Mio kept things just close enough to be interesting, but toward the end of day 2 it was clear who the winner was going to be. My condolences to the Yui fans. Kanade will represent the Spring group in the Semifinals starting April 18th, so stay tuned.With that out of the way, let's look in on our Summer quarterfinalists:Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Voting Updates @jelx231. Miya Tachibana is clearly up to something. nishishishishi...2. Ryouko Ookami wants you to vote for her. I mean, she doesn't... dislike you.3. Rin Tohsaka is not impressed with this childish little tournament.4. Ai Nanasaki is ready to hit the hot springs if she wins. Vote accordingly.Let us know which girl you choose in the comments along with the usual declarations of love and/or disappointment. This round will run until Saturday, April 9th, 12:00 Midnight EST. so let's get those votes going!

The Japanator Saimoe Quarterfinals are in full swing and we're just a little bit closer to concluding our epic bishoujo showdown. Hmm, "Bishoujo Showdown" sounds like an awesome 2D fighting game... well this is probably the n...

Japanator Saimoe 2011: Spring Quarterfinal

Apr 04 // jel x
Winter Opening Round Recap The big surprise this round was the lack of surprises. Aside from an early run by Sawako, all the top seeds wrapped things up by the end of the first day. The Winter quarterfinal promises to be a little more exciting, with each of the four girls having a legitimate chance to move on. We will see what happens April 14th when voting for the Winter bracket resumes. Now to begin the Quarterfinals! Let's check in on our Spring contestants: Full Bracket *updated* | Rules & Schedule | Voting Updates @jelx23 1. Kanade Tachibana is bored after her easy win, we may need to get her some mapo tofu.2. Yui is psyched to check "Japanator Saimoe Quarterfinals" off her to-do list.3. Tsumugi Kotobuki is feeling confident, but then again she is rich enough to own a villa in Finland.4. Mio Akiyama is embarrassed you chose her over her popular kouhai. How moe. Let us know which girl you choose in the comments below, and as usual feel free to share the great internal struggle that led to your decision. Vote for the girl you want, you never know when an upset might be brewing! The Spring Quarterfinal will run until Wednesday, April 6th, 12:00 Midnight EST, so let's get those votes going.

It's Week 5 of Japanator Saimoe and we are halfway through our journey to find our favorite anime heroine... or villain. Whatever, as long as she's cute. After some heated competition we've narrowed the field of 64 to just 16...

Japanator Saimoe 2011: Winter Opening Round

Mar 31 // jel x
Fall Opening Round Recap Well folks, after three days of voting, Ika Musume and Elsie are still tied! In the event of a tie the decision goes to the judges (me) and the ruling is.......... Ika Musume! Personally I would pick Elsie, but I fear the potential squidpocalypse that might occur if Ika did not move on. You can thank me in advance for saving the planet. Besides, it would be tough for either girl in the next round with the top three seeds looking VERY strong. The Fall group resumes April 11th, so stay tuned for what looks like a quarterfinal match for the ages. And now for our final opening round match, here's the Winter bracket:     Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Voting Updates @jelx23 Check out the groups below (Group 3 looks surprised to be here) and list the numbers of the girls you'd like to vote for. Preferably something like this: Group 1 - 1 Group 2 - 3 Group 3 - 4 Group 4 - 2 Voting for this round ends Saturday, April 2nd, 12:00 Midnight EST, so get your votes in, along with your cheers and jeers, while you can.   Group 1: 1. Homura Akemi (Madoka Magica) 2. Haruna (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?) 3. Kyouko Sakura (Madoka Magica) 4. Hildegarde (Beelzebub) Group 2: 1. Eucliwood Hellscythe (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?) 2. Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica) 3. Merry "dat midriff" Nightmare (Dream Eater Merry) preemptive quote courtesy of Gee-Man 4. Laura Bodewig (Infinite Stratos) cheating again! Group 3: 1. Charlotte Dunois (Infinite Stratos) 2. Madoka Kaname (Madoka Magica) 3. Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Matsuri) ...............rowr. 4. Sawako Kuronuma (Kimi ni Todoke 2) Group 4: 1. Victorica de Blois (GOSICK) 2. Nessa (Fractale) 3. Maelstrom/Yuki Yoshida (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?) 4. Aoi Kunideda (Beelzebub)

We're on to the next round of Japanator Saimoe and our anime-themed game of King (Queen?) of the Hill continues on. Some of these rounds have been so intense I feel obligated to say that no girls have been harmed during the v...

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