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8:00 AM on 05.02.2014

2nd and 3rd Rurouni Kenshin films get a full length trailer

I was a big fan of the first live action Rurouni Kenshin film. It had pacing problems, but on the whole, I felt that it did a strong job of capturing the tone of the manga while adapting the material in a way that worked for...

Elliot Gay

12:00 PM on 11.12.2013

Miyazaki spinning new yarns, this time about samurai

ANN reports that Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki has spilled the beans on a project Miyazaki is currently working on: a manga set in the warring states period of Japan featuring samurai and badass sword-fighting. I think that d...

Kristina Pino

8:00 AM on 08.05.2012

Banzai! XSEED releasing Way of the Samurai 4 on August 21

Fans of Acquire, XSEED, and awkward-but-compelling Japanese can rejoice, because Way of the Samurai 4 has a release date! And it's soon, too. The world of hilariously exaggerated animations, sword collecting, choice and conse...

Josh Tolentino

Japan Cuts Roundup, Day 1: 7/12/12 photo
Japan Cuts Roundup, Day 1: 7/12/12
by Alec Kubas-Meyer

[For the month of July, Japanator's sister site Flixist will be covering the Japan Cuts film festival, which is running in New York City from the 12th until the 28th. For your convenience, we will be posting review roundups here, but you can find all of Flixist's coverage here, and their coverage of the New York Asian Film Festival here.]

So we skipped Day -1 because of some technical problems and there's no such thing as a day 0, so here we are at Day 1. The Japan Cuts film festival has officially kicked off, Asura has already ended, and I am probably still sitting in a theater watching (and hopefully enjoying) Smuggler. Maybe you're there too, although if I see you reading this while in the theater watching Smuggler, I will first say, "Hey! Thanks for reading my stuff!" and then I'll throw things at you.

Anyways, we continue our quest to be two days ahead of the curve, and we've got a couple of opinions for you to look at and hopefully help inform your purchasing decision. Also, we're going to be at a whole bunch of screenings this weekend, so look out for a tall-ish skinny blonde kid and/or a short, bald asian man who will probably wearing a straw-colored panama hat. Maybe they'll be us.

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6:00 PM on 05.24.2012

New Kenshin game unsheathes its first set of screenshots

After losing a one on one duel against the man formerly known as Battosai the man-slayer, I have finally been able to obtain some more information related to Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story Sais...

Salvador GRodiles

8:00 AM on 05.23.2012

Shonen Jump Alpha serializes Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration

The first time I heard of Rurouni Kenshin wasn't from some Samurai X OVA, it was from an extremely early issue of the US Shonen Jump, highlighting popular series from Weekly Shonen Jump. After the anime started airing on Toon...

Bob Muir

3:00 PM on 05.02.2012

New Kenshin manga is a retelling of the original story

If you were hoping for an entirely new Rurouni Kenshin tale when we first heard about a new manga coming, this might disappoint you. (Then again, why do you want more when the 28-volume original manga wrapped up quite nicely?...

Bob Muir

1:00 PM on 05.02.2012

Hiten Mitsurugi Style, Kenshin gets a new game for PSP!

It has been two years since we read about a Rurouni Kenshin game unsheathing its sword on the PSP. Two years have passed since then, and the wandering swordsman is ready wander his way back to the PSP for a new game that is s...

Salvador GRodiles

4:00 PM on 04.17.2012

Learn how samurai did seppuku with this handy diagram

Have you messed up so bad that only in death can you reclaim your honor? Ever wonder just how to commit seppuku or harakiri? Thanks to an infographic from Tumblr user error88, now you too can engage in ritualistic suicide![Ed...

Bob Muir

3:00 PM on 04.16.2012

Live-action Ruro-Ken cuts up some behind-the-scene videos

August 25th is a long way from now, and there has also been a slight becaon of hope that the live-action Rurouni Kenshin movie will have some of the light hearted moments thrown in. For the sake of not confusing people, Ruro-...

Salvador GRodiles

3:00 PM on 04.04.2012

No way! Way of the Samurai 4's going stateside!

In what is some rather delightful news for fans of quirky Japanese games and samurai culture alike, XSEED has seen fit to localize Acquire's Way of the Samurai 4 for a North American release. Any Acquire fan will know that th...

Josh Tolentino

1:00 PM on 03.20.2012

Xam'd director & Geass writer creating Fuse Gansaku movie

There was some talk a few years ago about an adaptation of Kazuki Sakuraba's Fuse Gansaku: Satomi Hakkenden, a reimagining of Nanso Satomi Hakkenden, a classic Japanese epic by Kyokutei Bakin. The original 19th century novel ...

Bob Muir