Teen arrested for distributing manga scans online

Feb 08
// Crystal White
Sometimes you really have to wonder what goes through people's heads. On Saturday, an 18-year-old male student located in Katagami City in Akita Prefecture was arrested for distributing manga scans online. Now norma...

DMP's Digital Manga Guild reveals first Japanese partners

Dec 08
// Bob Muir
I don't care much for it, but digital manga has become pretty big in the otaku community. It's a shame, then, that the majority of that business comes from scanlations, which are, uh, not exactly legal. Still, I like the pass...

Kindle is not a manga lover's best friend

Nov 24 // Lauren Rae Orsini
The saddest thing about buying manga on Kindle is there is hardly any selection at all. If you're not looking for hardcore yaoi or yuri, you're mostly out of luck. Here's their bookstore. You'll notice you can't even find mainstream manga like Fairy Tail or even Bleach to read on the Kindle.Therefore, I bought Vampire Hunter D volume 1, since I really like the novelizations.  On the other hand, Fairy Tail scanlations are easy to read with Mangle. I simply downloaded Mangle to my MacBook Pro and hooked my Kindle 2 up to it via USB. Using this tutorial, it was an easy three step process. Not as easy as buying Vampire Hunter D in one click, but check out the images: It doesn't take a good eye to realize that Fairy Tale is MUCH more legible than legally-purchased Vampire Hunter D. Sure, D is a darker manga, but the Kindle treats it like a book and does not let me zoom or adjust the pages in any way. On the other hand, Mangle files register as JPGs and are easy to enlarge.It's sad since I'm more than willing to support manga artists and pay for my manga at the Amazon store. But until there is a larger selection of easier to read manga, I'm going to say Mangle is better. 

Remember earlier this month when Pedro wrote about Mangle?As the only Japanator editor with a Kindle, I've finally decided to test the program out. My verdict? Kindle can learn a thing or two from Mangle -- it's more convenie...


If it wasn't on this whole time, you can be sure that it's on now, oh yes you can.What's on, you ask? The war against scanlation, that's what. Pretty much every major manga publisher on both sides of the Pacific have joined f...


Protip: Don't offer to partner with a manga publisher when hosting illegal scans of their IPs

Sep 24
// Brad Rice
This doesn't so much fall into the category of "news" as it is an example of extreme fail. As a scanlation site -- not a group, but rather a major site that distributes all of these titles -- you do not want to attr...

Shameless self-promotion time: Gakuen Heaven

Aug 20
// Brad Rice
I'd suggest you all go and check out the latest release of Gakuen Heaven from Fusion Scans. No, not that Gakuen Heaven. This Gakuen Heaven. The series is incredibly ecchi, and should be saved for those of an appropriate age t...

MangaNovel tries to tempt scanlators with an iPod touch

Oct 26
// Brad Rice
Remember how I mentioned that MangaNovel was launching, and trying to get people to read manga with their service, as well as provide scanlators with a way to make money? Well, right now they're running a promotional cont...

Toshiba and Manganovel to legitimize scanlations?

Oct 04
// Brad Rice
For those of you who enjoy spending your time making scanlations of all those series that will never get released over here (like No Bra and My Balls), now you can get paid for your work instead of asking for donations. Toshi...

Scanlation spotlight: No Bra

Jan 31
// Brad Rice
No Bra is an interesting little manga currently being scanlated by Dynasty Scans that I thought I'd mention to you all. The story is about two childhood friends, Yuki and Masato, who are living together in an apartment in T...

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