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9:00 PM on 10.22.2009

Missed Monster on SyFy's Ani-Monday block? They've got it online for you too!

The new anime Monster, based on the manga by Naoki Urasawa, has been on the SyFy Channel's Ani-Monday block these last two weeks.  Not many anime get chosen for this, so it's giving Monster a special amount of publicity ...

Danica Davidson

12:26 AM on 08.01.2008

Japanator Anime Jeopardy: Anime Sci-fi

Who doesn’t love a great science fiction anime series? Mean, ugly people, that’s who. Since you all are not mean and ugly then I think it’s time to test your sci-fi anime knowledge with some Japanator Anime ...

God Len

9:45 AM on 05.25.2008

Fanime '08: Gurren Lagann goes Sci-Fi

Officially announced today at Bandai's joint panel with Gurren Lagann localization staff Aniplex and series creators Gainax, Gurren Lagann will be airing on Sci-fi starting June 28th at 11 PM. This will be part of their Monda...

Tim Sheehy

9:38 AM on 05.19.2008

Gurren Lagann - SciFi Channel - July 28th 200...8?!

The blogger Gia has just dropped a substantial info bomb, confirming that everybody's (OK, maybe just John and Len's) favorite anime series of all time Gurren Lagann will be hitting the SciFi channel in July. It seems she has...

Zac Bentz

6:20 PM on 01.09.2008

Sci-Fi Channel expanding their anime block, now two days a week

Starting in February, the Sci-Fi Channel is going to be expanding their AniMonday program to include an AniTuesday, where every Tuesday, they'll be showing an anime movie or OVA. So, what are we looking at in terms of their s...

Brad Rice