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Beyond Fan Service: On the messed-up people of Scum's Wish

May 31 // Karishma Roy
  It’s actually refreshing to see an anime showcase sex boldly as opposed to the frequent, unrealistic portrayal of teenagers who orgasm aka “nose-bleed” at the thought of holding hands. Like, no, that does not normally happen. On the other hand, like some of the viewers, I felt that instead of devoting so much time to very awkward (cringey even) sex scenes, there could have been more of a focus on the emotional and mental consequences of the characters’ actions. It definitely lacked balance in this aspect but nevertheless, the series is still worth watching. We are taken through the journey of how Hanabi and Mugi deal with their pain and loneliness (often through sex) and eventually grow and develop into less unlikeable versions of themselves. I’ve seen that some viewers have been quick to label the female characters as “sluts” and “whores” but let’s not forget that the males are just as invested in sleeping around. More importantly, however, the sex here serves a larger purpose than mere shock value or fan service- it does contribute critically to the characters’ development. It’s not a strange idea that people may fill their hollow hearts with physical affection. The concept of friends-with-benefits and one-night stands is common in western culture and Japanese as well. Hanabi suffers from low self-esteem and abandonment issues. It’s no wonder that she gets lost trying to find her way to true love. In fact, a lot of us can relate to some sort of intense, emotionally charged teenage past. This girl is a damaged human being and that manifests (albeit annoyingly) in her focus on primitive desires. In the beginning, dealings between Mugi and Hanabi lack warmth but slowly they start to open up a small part of their hearts to each other. There’s a sense that the two of them start catching feelings for one other (totally did not see that coming) but they choose to ignore it and focus on their unobtainable adult love interests. This web of desire and possibility makes the story riveting. Hanabi gets a chance to assess the kind of person she is and makes decisions on what and who she wants to become. All the characters mentioned play into well-known tropes but their relationships with each other are what drives this show. Everyone, except that creepy cousin, transforms as a result of their interactions. For the most part, it is fascinating to watch although I found Akane’s character transformation unrealistic and very questionable. What the hell was Narumi thinking? Let’s talk about this biatch for a minute – she is by far the most twisted and fascinating one. Akane seems to derive pleasure from being the target of other women's jealousy. She sleeps with men (and underage boys) who are either in relationships or are wanted by someone else. There is a sadistically childish streak about wanting to essentially “steal” what isn’t her’s and Mugi was observant enough to figure her out as quickly as he did. Do people like her actually exist in real life!? In the end, she grows out of this toxic way of thinking which is great but I kind of wished she had an STD or prison sentence to go along with the new mindset. Other than this, I was very happy with the ending (especially Hanabi’s) because it was pleasantly realistic. The art was neat with an appealing soft colour palette and animation was fluid – every emotion was conveyed with exquisite clarity. The feels do punch you right in the gut. The soundtrack, both the opening - "Uso no Hibana" by 96 Neko - and the ending - "Heikosen" by Sayuri - are major hits among the fans. I listen to it on repeat most days! I rate this anime highly despite being unable to relate to or like most of the characters. I think that the idea of needing to empathise with every main character is limiting and one of the main reasons I watch anime, TV-shows or read books is to expand my knowledge on different fronts including religion, sexuality, culture, way of life etc.… so yeah. Should you watch it? Well, it’s a heavy, dark and sexual series where the tags “lust” and “obsession” would be more accurate than romance. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then go for it. My only advice would be to watch it privately with your headphones connected. P.S. I saw that people were comparing this anime to School Days and yes, that was equally messed up but in a different way. Scum’s Wish is purely psychological and emotional – no-one gets hurt physically, and it’s a much better watch.
Scum's Wish photo
What are your sinful desires?
Scum’s Wish is twelve episodes of a mature, romantic and psychological drama set at a Japanese high school. I will emphasise the “psychological” tag because this series is one hell of a m...


Shinjuku boos bara billboard for HIV awareness

Poko Murata's billboard in gay neighborhood draws ire from local government
Mar 19
// Brad Rice
An interesting struggle is going on in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ni-Chome, a popular gay neighborhood. VIIV Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company that makes an HIV drug, selected popular gay artist Poko Murata to draw up an HIV awarene...
Sex photo

Sagami Rubber debuts world's thinnest condom

.01mm thick rubber blows away the competition
Dec 11
// Brad Rice
Japanese condom manufacturer Sagami Rubber Industry has broken through to a new level of thinness: a .01mm thick condom. After spending ten years working on this product, Sagami has seen its condom fly off of store shelves in...
Love Hotels photo
Love Hotels

A quickie about love hotels

When you just need a couple of hours
Apr 11
// Josh Totman
When Japan sets out to perfect something, they seem to go a bit overboard at times. This is evident by just looking at some of these rooms that you can rent in love hotels in Japan. Love hotels are primarily frowned...


AKB's Minami Minegishi humiliated for being a human being

Feb 01
// Josh Tolentino
[Update: The apology video has been removed following an official response by AKB management. An English-translated transcript of Minegishi's statement is available at the bottom of this post.] Ah, an "Oh, Japan" moment. ...

Japanator After Dark Special Review: Seduce Me

Jan 08 // Josh Tolentino
Seduce Me (PC) Developer: No Reply Games Publisher: No Reply Games Release Date: January 2, 2013 MSRP: EUR 14.99 ($17) There's no getting around it: Seduce Me is a porn game, straight up. It's not a visual novel with sex scenes, and there isn't much in the way of "romance" as one might expect from the likes of Mass Effect or Dragon Age. The prime (perhaps only) motivation for playing Seduce Me will be to see fictional people boning. With a title like Seduce Me, one would be forgiven for expecting little more than that. And yet somehow, the game manages to both fulfill - and betray - those expectations. Now, it's not as if Seduce Me lacks sex. There's plenty of it to be had, and it's not shy about being explicit. Gamers who worried that it would limit itself to simple innuendo and "sideboob" have nothing to fear; there's porn in that thar videogame, and it earns its AO rating. Except, the actual process of getting to the porn, the gameplay and mechanics, are rather different from the initial pitch. In truth, the game has more in common with titles labeled "Strip Poker" or those old cocktail table machines where customers would play Arkanoid to gradually uncover a picture of a naked woman, than it does with Mass Effect, the Sims-like Singles: Flirt Up Your Life, or a Japanese "bishoujo" game. For one, despite its touting "RPG elements", Seduce Me has little narrative to speak of. You are a strapping young man invited some reason to a wealthy socialite's Mediterranean villa for a vacation of sex and debauchery with four nubile young porn-movie stereotypes. And though the developers insisted in interviews that the women "are more than just their bodies", there's not much to go on, unless one counts developing certain sexual fetishes out of one formative relationship or another as significant characterization. The girls do have their own endings, so the skeleton of a story exists, creating an end goal beyond "Look at naughty pictures and maybe bust a nut to them." Random events scattered about the map also help flesh out the characters slighty, but the fact that they can be encountered by chance lends itself to repetition. In truth this is more than one gets from your average porn game (particularly one outside the Japanese sphere) and one can hardly blame it for not having nuanced characters or a complex plot, but Seduce Me's approach to the act of seduction itself is reductive, baffling, and is borderline offensive, depending on one's tolerance for pornographic content and/or crude interpretations of human relationships. This is where the game's "Erotic Strategy" classification comes into play. As they roam the island seeking opportunities to bump uglies with a lady, players can build up "Popularity Points", "Intimacy Points", and "Attraction Points". Popularity points act as a health meter of sorts. Losing minigames (more on that later) decreases them, and when they reach zero, players are kicked off the island and sent back to their pathetic, sex-party-less lives. Intimacy and Attraction points are earned by winning minigames and choosing correct actions during cutscenes. All these points are needed to er, enjoy the island's various pleasures. Some dialog options require a certain amount of Popularity, characters will reveal their fetishes at high Intimacy levels, and actually doing the deed with the ladies requires Attraction. The dirtier the deed, the more points demanded. Boiling complex social interactions down to high scores is problem enough - though to be fair that kind of quantifying isn't limited to porn games  - but the way to get those points is where things get strange. As stated earlier, points are mostly earned by winning minigames. The issue is what the minigames actually are. One might expect these minigames to be ripoffs of classic arcade titles, ala recent Leisure Suit Larry games, or Quick Time Events ala God of War, but no. To Seduce Me, "Erotic Strategy" is to win a card game, and not in the fashion of a Strip Poker scenario. Every single minigame, from "Flirting" to "Small Talk" to "Intimate Chat" to "Confrontation," involves playing - and winning - some form of card game. If not for the sex, Seduce Me would not be out of place alongside Minesweeper or Solitaire in your operating system's pre-installed game selection. That said, the card games themselves are fairly engaging...for card games. All of them use cards of varying suits and ranks, though the suits aren't limited to the standard Clubs/Spades/Hearts/Diamonds quadrachotomy. Like the pictorial symbols used to represent conversation in The Sims, one might "talk" about a bottle of wine, a puppy, a plane, a house, a pile of money, or two people engaging in foreplay. Each minigame has different rules, but all seem to be point-based variations on Crazy Eights, Rummy, or Sets and Runs (though I'm not familiar enough with card games to tell for sure). "Flirting" has players discarding and drawing cards to try to keep their score as close to their "opponent's" as possible (closer scores yield more Attraction points). "Intimate Conversation" constructs sets and runs in an attempt to shed cards, and simple chatting means trying to beat the dealer's highest-value suit, or putting down a trump to win (for lack of a matching suit). To make a great logical stretch, one could see how these card games thematically align with the back-and-forth of relationship building and trying to get into one's pants. Matching point scores could be like finding common interests. Finding good sets could be interpreted as displaying knowledge, and discarding cards could be similar to winning an argument with a strong hand. But really, come on. These are card games. In a title that's ostensibly about getting people to have sex with you. Calling it a tough sell would be the understatement of the hour. Worse still, that nasty aspect of card-based games, namely the effect of the random draw, rears its head at times. Since all the games are score-based and use the card ranks as multipliers and modifiers, one's ability to win consistently is often determined by the quality of the initial hand. Players can't "hit" by drawing additional cards to improve their hands, and the rules for passing are a tad too strict, so players will occasionally find themselves in "death spirals", with rounds lost the moment they start and no option except to swallow the loss or abuse its autosave system to restart the match (only one save is allowed at a time). It can be frustrating, especially given the fact that seducing people is usually considered a skill rather than a windfall. But enough with all that. I've yet to answer the most pressing, important, and perhaps only relevant question to be posed about Seduce Me: "How's the porn?" In a word, it's decent. As mentioned, the game is unafraid to be explicit, and its scenarios could be classified as "hardcore" though not quite approaching "deviant". Think of the "Hot Coffee" minigames from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but a little more graphic than that. Scenes consist of a single image accompanied by descriptive text, arranged in the manner of a comic book (sans word bubbles). The writing sits at about the quality of fiction found in a Penthouse letters column. All the sex is depicted as consensual and between legal adults, so players needn't fear looking like criminals for playing. Sadly, in a blow against diversity, the game doesn't include same-sex relationships, or for that matter, the option to seduce a person of African ethnicity. Unfortunately, there aren't too many sex scenes, or events for that matter. In the three to five hours it takes to raise enough points with a single character and see their ending, I encountered multiple incidences of the same scene event. Each girl has only a handful of encounters to explore, and as mentioned, has little if any dialog to speak of. What content there is is of decent quality, but there's simply not enough of it. A more expansive, diverse cast of romance options, or even the ability to...engage with some of the minor characters that are otherwise just there to bring up Popularity points. Environments are rendered in 3D (via the Unity Engine), and look smoothly rendered, though the colors seem somewhat washed-out, and the villa, ostensibly the site of debauched sex-party socialites, is devoid of people besides whoever players are talking to at any one time. There's also not much reason to explore a location unless telltale sound-effect text emits from its direction, indicating a character or cutscene's presence. Characters are shown as 2D cutouts, drawn in a realistic style that should appeal to folks turned off by the anime-style character design that populates most available erotic games. Everyone looks like a legal adult, and not immediately sleazy (excepting one character's maid outfit). If its developers had lofty goals for Seduce Me, the final product simply does not reflect them, and is outshined at most turns by its peers, most of which are not porn games. As a game about relationships, it pales beside the likes of Digital: A Love Story, and most of the more complex visual novel offerings. As a game meant to tackle issues of sex and gender relations, games like Catherine, Persona 4 and Don't Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story are better for that sort of thing. As a strategy game or RPG, it compares well to Solitaire, but that's not really saying much. However, taken simply as it is, as a game where solving puzzles leads to porn, it's near the forefront of its field, particularly among non-Japanese games. It does make an effort to provide more than naughty pictures, including cursory character development and some semblance of a narrative. It's pretty and technically sound. While slightly anemic in content, it's titillating when it needs to be, and is at times even fun to play - I wouldn't mind playing the card games with real-life friends (minus the sex). And frankly, for a porn game, that's sometimes all one needs. 5 -- Mediocre (5s are an exercise in apathy, neither Solid nor Liquid. Not exactly bad, but not very good either. Just a bit "meh," really.)
Why are the names in all-caps? Only HAMED knows
[While western games aren't technically in Japanator's purview, there's no denying the fact that Glorious Nippon is among the leading purveyors of quality porn games. No Reply Games' Seduce Me is the latest attempt to dent th...


Japan Expo '12: Seriously guys, stop it

Jul 08
// Brad Rice
We've caught more of you making out on the show floor today than we did yesterday. We snapped a picture of a few of them, but I fumbled with my camera for too long to get twice as many. Have some class -- do it in the hotel room!

Japan Expo '12: Please don't suck face at the show

Jul 05
// Brad Rice
Please, people. We’ve already caught two of you shoving your tongues down your significant other’s throats in the middle of the show floor. We take terribly invasive pictures.

TMA at it again with the porno "Hinichijou"

Aug 17
A lot of people tell me "Wow, Nichijou is probably one of the best shows to air in the past two seasons for anime", and for a while I would usually say to them "Yeah, I guess...". Lately, however, I found that the newest...

First Impression: 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku

Apr 13 // Jeff Chuang
The story beings minutes before midnight. Our socially and generally inept salaryman protagonist Imagawa is about to turn 30 years old. In front of him is some kind of censored animal, but really, it's just a dutch wife in doggy style. What was he trying to do? As much as he tries, suddenly a naked man appears next to him, and from there the story goes to hell. More relevantly, the suddenly-appearing man is some kind of god, sent to help Imagawa to end his virginity crisis. Unsurprisingly, this god character is unrelentingly annoying, and eventually offers his own butt as a way to accomplish his mission. Naturally Imagawa rejects. It's hard to blame him when god's butt has the suction of an depressurized jetliner cabin cruising at 30,000 feet. At this point you should know that 30-sai is a series of skits, and each episode lasts about 12 minutes, or half of the length of a normal TV episode of anime. The jokes and punchlines fly pretty quickly as a result, and we get a ton of on-screen text and, uh, symbolic representation of certain sexual-related things. The gags are both audio and visual. That leads into the biggest problem anyone watching the TV broadcast of the show--the censoring is beyond excessive. It's so bad, even text and certain words in the dialog got beeped out (albeit with some creativity). And then we have some borderline-unnecessary censoring that is almost comical, if not for the fact that almost everything funny got censored. They went as far as censoring the title of one of the segment! Well, I guess as long as those nipples are covered, breasts are okay? We did get a glimpse of the show's female lead character this week, but mostly just a cameo. We do learn that Imagawa lives in dorms provided by the company, aptly named "Cherry System." It's at least an honest piece of social criticism for the lifestyle of post-bubble Japanese salaryman. However, if you're just on board 30-sai for giggles, I'm afraid you will have to wait for a home video release, since I can hardly recommend a show where about two thirds of the gags are censored. If you want to take 30-sai seriously, well, you may have bigger problems to deal with than TV censorship of naughty jokes.

If Japanese otaku were to crack a joke on old virgins, this may very well be it. Remember B Gata H Kei? You're about to see the next level of "oh Japan" on the same train of thought, in 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku. The literal tra...


Big pink penises and candy vaginas at Japanese festival

Apr 06
// Dale North
One of my favorite Japanese video bloggers, jetdaisuke, shot some footage at Kanamara Matsuri, a festival that celebrates big penises. It used to have something to do with fertility, but now it's all about the lulz.  The...

Japanese gaming industry about as popular as porn

Mar 11
// Crystal White
I suppose this really doesn't surprise anyone. I mean, c'mon, what's more popular than video games and sex? According to some recent statistics, the Japanese video game market did roughly 493.7 billion yen in business in the ...

Need more smutty hentai? Kitty Media's got you covered

Feb 01
Let's face it: Japanator's Ero Week was a success. A complete, utter, very disturbing success. To those who hated every second of it and wished that we'd cover more stories on funny Youtube videos instead, then this news is N...

Love hotels try to pose as their less sexy brethren

Jan 28
// Crystal White
Ever walked into a hotel for a regular stay and realized you ended up in a cheap love hotel for an afternoon tryst?Yeah, me too.Apparently a new trend is building in Japan wherein love hotels attempt to pose as regu...

You don't want to see this man's life-size Rei papercraft

Jan 23
// Josh Tolentino
Yes, it's made from paper, and it's life-size, but it's also anatomically correct. In an "Ero Week" kind of way.Yeah, so see the video below. It's safe for work, but you can see the less-safe videos over at his channel.I think it's saying something that our intrepid tipster, upon sending this information to our tips line, asked to remain anonymous. Thanks, anonymous tipster!

Ero Week: Romantic ero doujins

Jan 22
// Pedro Cortes
With the coming of Ero Week, I can hop on top of my internet roof in this virtual neighborhood and shout at the top of my lungs...I! HEART! PORN! Now I'm not talking about an unhealthy love or attraction to the adult industry...

Ero Week: The deal-breaker

Jan 22 // Tim Sheehy
Now, I'm sure some of you are currently in relationships where your core values may differ from that of your significant other. For example, if he or she walked in on you playing your favorite eroge at the wrong moment, you might end up single or worst yet, labeled a pervert amongst your friends on Facebook. It's a scary thought, right?I was actually in a relationship like that at one point, and there wasn't much I could do about it. It was years ago before Facebook, I think we had Live Journal and IRC at the time. I was absolutely smitten with the girl -- which was arguably the worst mistake of my life -- and despite her misguided ethical views, and self-professed moral superiority, I spent the entire relationship hiding the fact that I actually enjoyed looking at porn. So, one evening I decided to throw in a copy of something, I can't really remember, it might have been Cool Devices, or something else that was out at the time, but it had been a long day and I really just wanted to relax a bit. The girl walked in, and suffice to say, a huge fight ensued. It got to the point where she wanted to watch me go through each folder on my computer and delete each and every image or video I had sitting around. I don't know about you, but for me, that was an instant deal-breaker.I can understand someone not enjoying porn. I can even understand them seeing the art as being derogatory to both men and women. I completely disagree, but I can at least respect that point of view. That said, I would never again put myself through that kind of relationship. While some fetishes are probably best kept a secret, you shouldn't have to tiptoe around the fact that you enjoy your hentai. If you meet someone you can share those fetishes with, even more power to you.I've since married a woman that, while she doesn't share my core values when it comes to porn, gets that its something that I enjoy and refuses to judge me for it. If there's anything I'd like you to take away from this story, it's simply that when it comes to those you love, a little bit of tolerance can make a world of difference.

The other day, I read Brad's harrowing tale of how he lent his girlfriend a copy of Sundome, fully expecting to be dumped within days of having done so. It gave me a good laugh, but reminded me of how hentai&nb...

Ero Week: Why hentai just doesn't do it for me

Jan 21 // Crystal White
Some people may view hentai as simply their preferred version of porn. Sure, there are multitudes of it, all based on personal preference, and why should an anime fan be denied watching pornographically what they watch for regular entertainment? I don't dislike those who view hentai, and I can understand it. Hentai can be a great way for people to live out their fantasies, much like regular porn or some Skinemax film you used to watch when you were fifteen. And living out these fantasies in a 2D realm can be appealing. It's safe, they're not real people, and it's arguably much more attractive...unless you're watching some really violent tentacle rape. I suppose the biggest turn off for me is just the 2D nature in itself. I know these characters don't exist so I feel nothing for them, not even turned on because I know that there's no real life possibility. Of course, I also know fantasizing about my favorite Hollywood stars is also near impossible, but that's just it. It's near impossible to lust over real beings, but not 100% impossible. There is that 0.0001% chance that I could hook up with Taylor Lautner (sorry, Bob).But the possibility of a real life situation isn't the only reason I prefer things of a real life erotic nature to hentai. As I mentioned, things are often more attractive in hentai, especially pretty boys with bodies like Greek gods. Sorry girls, but often times that's just not the case. While I admit it's attractive, I think real bodies just have something that an anime boy can't have. You know, like body temperature--or a pulse. On the other hand, while hentai can be a super clean and idealized version of real sex, I often find parts of it just too gross for me. I know this sounds contradictory, but hear me out. I'm assuming you've watched a bit of hentai, or you wouldn't be reading this. Well, you know how girls are always depicted as dripping endlessly and the guy always ejaculates about ten gallons worth? Yeah, that's a little...gross, and that's just regular hentai. Let's not get into tentacles, dick girls, guro, or even something as exotic as snakegirls. It can get pretty nasty.So while I'll understand if you enjoy hentai, I simply do not. I like knowing that on-screen sexual activities are physically possible and not just a fragment of my imagination. I may be one of the few staff members that feel this completely opposed, but what can I say? This girl likes her sexy times IRL. 

It's no secret here at Japanator that many of us enjoy hentai. As a subset of the anime genre, some may even consider it essential viewing depending on how good the story is (if any). Over the years, I've known plenty of peop...


The boy addiction: A Yaoi Experience

Jan 18
// Kristina Pino
So, I've noticed that yaoi (yOW-ee) is pretty under-represented on Japanator, and it's also the subject of much fuss and disdain considering our general reader demographic. For the girls, though. For those closet-freaks that ...

This toilet paper is strangely arousing

Jan 17
// Bob Muir
Those looking for a sexy way to go to the bathroom - wait, let me start over. Those looking for a premium erotic experience on the toilet - hm, that sounds iffy too. There's no good way to lead into this news, so I'll just sa...

Japanese man secretly films over 1,000 women

Jan 06
// Crystal White
A 45-year-old man in Ehime Prefecture was arrested on Wednesday for being a total creeper. Particularly for taking "indecent videos" of two shop assistants in Matsuyama last November. The man also had tons of i...

Brothels featuring love dolls are in demand, and rising!

Dec 14
There are a lot... a lot... of things that I would rather simulate instead of the real thing. For example, I would much rather play Gran Turismo any day over speeding down a freeway at 150 MPH (241.4 KPH for all of you fancy ...

TMA has you covered for OreImo incest fantasies

Nov 24
// Brad Rice
It seems like OreImo can't catch a break recently. It's stirring up controversy on a number of fronts, all while pushing the incest trend which is becoming a little too popular. The classy folks at TMA, who make live-action ...

Japanese wrong about the opposite sex, says survey

Nov 18
// Dale North
Guys think you know everything about girls. Girls believe everything they read in those magazines about guys. You're all wrong. We're all wrong.It seems that they have the same problem in Japan. Website Cobs Online surveyed g...

In Japan, sexual harassment is the new detention

Nov 01
// Crystal White
A teacher from Saitama prefecture has an interesting way of dealing with forgetfulness or misbehavior when it comes to his students. The 59-year-old teacher at Ogi Elementary School in Iruma created three self procl...

Hooters opens its first Tokyo location

Oct 25
// Dale North
Tokyo is getting its first Hooters. The Akasakamitsuke location opens Monday night, and will feature service from 30 Japanese girls and a bonus 10 foreigners. The staff was picked from over 400 applicants.  Above you'll ...

The vids of shitemita: the curious case of soda pudding

Sep 16
// Mike LeChevallier
Oh, YouTube user shitemita. It's been awhile, my Japanese food product examining friend.There has been a vacancy of my analysis of shitemita's videos as of late because, frankly, the quality of the merchandise he has been spo...

Creature found in Japanese waters looks like a...

Aug 31
// Dale North
OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL AM I LOOKING AT?This above photo was taken at Miyako port. It's a creature that was found 200 meters down, and it obviously looks like something...well, it doesn't quite look like that. And when you f...

World's first 3D porn movie features Japanese porn stars

Aug 25
// Dale North
[Warning: The below video the jump has very slight nudity (only brief bare breasts), but I'd still consider it Not Safe For Work.]With as big as 3D films are becoming, you'd have to know that full-blown 3D porn was coming up ...

Share your eroge escapades with your friends on Twitter

Aug 13
// Lauren Rae Orsini
I love Twitter. Where else can you read all about what everyone has had for breakfast? But let's say you want to get more personal than that. A LOT more personal.Just my luck, the eroge company Moonstone has integrated Twitte...

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