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2:00 PM on 04.10.2014

First Impressions: Haikyu!!

If we were ranking these new shows based on animation quality alone, Haikyu!! would be king of the mountain; out of everything I've seen so far this season, only the first episode Captain Earth has better animation...may...

Karen Mead


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A Look @ Fairy Tail Volume 33 & 34 photo
A Look @ Fairy Tail Volume 33 & 34
by Pedro Cortes

Before we take a look at the latest volumes of Fairy Tail, let’s take a look at where we’re at in the story. The members of Fairy Tail are in the midst of the Grand Magic Games. Held to determine which guild is the strongest, Fairy Tail has been at the bottom of the rankings for the last several years due to all of the strongest members being shifted through time in prior volumes. In order to restore their reputation, the time-displaced members gather together and challenge the world, though things are quite a bit different from when they last were around.

After barely squeaking by the first portion of the competition, the members of Fairy Tail have not been performing well in the one-on-one fights. Lucy and Mystogan both lost their matches, leaving both Fairy Tail teams dead last. They’re going to have to make some points quick or they risk falling too far behind to catch up. However, if there’s one thing you can bet on, it’s that Fairy Tail will find some way to come out on top.

Hit the jump to find out how!

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11:00 AM on 01.21.2014

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution features old Kages

You know, the current Naruto arc is an absolute gold mine for CyberConnect2, as it's allowing them access to so many new and interesting characters. They've already boasted that the roster in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja ...

Chris Walden

4:00 PM on 12.09.2013

Hunter x Hunter invades Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons continues to show its dominance of the Japanese casual game scene with yet another collaboration, this time recruiting the help of some young and talented hunters. Killua and Kurapika of Hunter x Hunter f...

Chris Walden

10:00 AM on 11.22.2013

Hunter x Hunter: -The Last Mission- gets a teaser trailer

You know, considering the premise for Hunter x Hunter: The Phantom Rouge was actually pretty good, it was even more of a shame that the film turned out to be such a let down. I mean, it wasn't awful or anything, but it reall...

Chris Walden

1:00 PM on 11.15.2013

Get your NOM on with Toriko over at Crunchyroll

As if Crunchyroll didn't already pretty much cover all our bases with their streaming anime titles, they've just announced that Toriko will be joining the library. For now, it's set to simulcast on Mondays at 10:00 a.m. PST s...

Kristina Pino

10:00 PM on 09.28.2013

Aniplex to release Blue Exorcist The Movie on Blu-ray

Aniplex have just announced that Blue Exorcist The Movie is not only coming to home video, but you'll be able to enjoy it in glorious Blu-ray format if you choose to buy the limited box set edition. It includes the film in bo...

Kristina Pino

4:00 PM on 08.19.2013

Second Hunter x Hunter movie has a teaser trailer

Oh, how I do love me some Hunter x Hunter. However, the somewhat promising Phantom Rouge movie of last year really didn't sate the appetites of fans waiting for some great, new material. However, there's some hope that the s...

Chris Walden

Shonen Showdown 7-30-2013 photo
Shonen Showdown 7-30-2013
by Josh Tolentino

Welcome to the latest installment of Shonen Showdown, the battle recap that sprang, fully-formed and grown, straight from the heads of its creators, just like Athena of Greek myth. Turns out that the whole process of that birth wasn't exactly elegant, as you can see above.

But hey, isn't it the results that matter? We've got them in spades, with the latest recaps of One Piece and Naruto to bring the premier mythmakers of Glorious Nippon to you!

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9:00 AM on 04.26.2013

Medaka Box spin-off Good Loser Kumagawa comes to an end

With Nisioisin's Medaka Box coming to a close this Saturday, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that any tangentially related media would be ending as well. Medaka Box spinoff manga, Good Loser Kumagawa, will be ending i...

Elliot Gay

2:58 AM on 03.07.2013

Happily Ever After: Fairy Tail anime to end on March 30th

[Update: Hiro Mashima has updated his twitter a couple times about good news relating to the anime, such as that it isn't necessarily the case that the anime is ending, and later, "don't stop believing." Oooo! - Kristina] I c...

Kristina Pino

11:00 AM on 12.05.2012

Jumping to HD with Project Versus J

With plenty of Shonen Jump characters earning their own HD games this generation, it seemed a little saddening that the 'Stars' series found on the Nintendo DS never found its way onto home consoles. Not that the awesome pixe...

Chris Walden