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Your Name photo
Your Name

Radwimps brings songs from Your Name to English

Language Switcharoo
Feb 15
// Red Veron
The official theatrical release of the English-language dub of the hit film Your Name is coming to the west on April 7 and with that upcoming release are English-language versions of the songs made for the film by the b...
Mega Ran photo
Mega Ran

Mega Ran shows us how to get unlimited continues

We're gonna live forever!
Aug 06
// Salvador G Rodiles
Mega Ran is back with another rad music video, and he's bringing D&D Slugger along for the ride. As a part of his upcoming track, RNDM, "Infinite Lives" conveys the importance of finding ways to turn your life into an ar...
Secret of Evermore photo
Secret of Evermore

Celebrate Secret of Evermore's 20th Anniversary with a remastered soundtrack

Don't underestimate a dog's loyalty
Jul 23
// Salvador G Rodiles
Oct. 1 may not be here yet, but that isn't stopping Sean Schafianski (Chrono Trigger: Jazz Arranged Version) from releasing his Secret of Evermore arranged soundtrack known as Secret of Evermore: Remastered Tracks. In t...
Mega Ran photo
Mega Ran

Aw snap: Mega Ran and Mighty No. 9 team up for a sweet deal

Mighty No. Ran anyone?
Jul 09
// Salvador G Rodiles
I may not be up to date with Mega Ran's music, but there's something amazing about the way how the guy tells an engaging story while he raps. Whether it's his tunes about the Blue Bomber, Final Fantasy VII, or other neat top...

Sen no Kiseki photo
Sen no Kiseki

Sen no Kiseki OST available on NA iTunes for cheap

Insert pun about flashes here
Dec 18
// Elliot Gay
It's no secret that the Falcom Sound Team pumps out some consistently amazing video game soundtracks. Part of what makes the Ys series so amazing is the focus on fast and heavy beats that get the blood pumping in all the righ...

Final Fantasy Vocal Collection is music to my ears

The songs that make you tear up everytime
Feb 04
// Hiroko Yamamura
I was one of the unfortunate masses who happened to miss my chance to purchase the amazing Final Fantasy Vinyls set. Like many of fans of the series' amazing music, I was totally bummed out. Things aren't all bleak for us vid...

Rejoice! Falcom music has made its way to the iTunes!

Jan 20
// Elliot Gay
Ok. This is the kind of thing that can very easily be overshadowed by other news despite being pretty big. Falcom, developers of the Ys series and the Trails in the Sky series (among other classics) has begun to put their sou...

Panty and Stocking OST Pt. 2 hits this summer

May 05
Remember that bitching soundtrack to that one show about that slut? Well, I certainly do and even toss it up on the ol' iPod now and then. For other fans of the OST who can't get enough of listening to such sophisticated trac...

Say hello to Catherine's sexy soundtrack

Feb 04
// Crystal White
The Catherine soundtrack is looking quite saucy, just as it should be! The cover is hand drawn, which is a nice touch in today's CGI world, and is in contrast to the cover for the actual game. Inside the wonder...

Late DJ/producer Nujabes to be honored next month

Jan 25
// Mike LeChevallier
Let's jump into an extreme scenario here, just for the hell of it.If I was held at gunpoint, forced to choose my favorite anime OST of all time, there's very little doubt in my mind that I would opt to holler out "Samura...

Cunning pirate charged for making crappy audio recording

Jan 20
// Bob Muir
Okay Japan, we get it, you've got a tough stance on piracy and people stealing content. That's why you'll throw the book at the occasional small offense while many big offenses go unpunished in the West, especially in places ...

'Tis now Obscure-ilicious OST Day

Mar 30
// Aoi
Someday's Dreamers is a quiet, lovely and utterly below-the-radar shoujo beloved by all 10 people who have seen it since its Pioneer/Geneon DVD release, and its soundtrack hasn't gotten much more attention. This really suck...

Anime Soundtrack Review: Ima Sokoni Iru Boku OST

Jan 04
// Dale North
We're starting a new regular feature: reviewing anime soundtracks. There is far too much good music coming from anime for it to not be covered. Anime and music go hand in hand, and you'll be hard-pressed to find any anime ...

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