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Japanator Theater 17: Ocarina Egg

Jan 22 // MARC
The SHAFT Song - For a studio that makes so much, it's still shocking how much could still go wrong... MANGA Entertainment Home Video Promo - Found this while backlogging through an old VHS tape of Mad Bull 34... good times, man. Hurricane Polymar OP (1974) - HAH! RI! CANNNNNEEEEE!!! MOE MOE KYUN MOTHAFUCKA - GotY. Fuck Skyrim. 4th kamehameha fail - The tetralogy  has finally been concluded. We can rest, for now we have no more need to ponder such a thing as: "when will the kamehameha saga finish?" KURISUTINA - "Tina mo kinshi..." It's called Anime - /jp/ in a nutshell. Skullgirls - Project Pinwheel: Yup, we're finally back with releasing new Skullgirls content! This time, here's a quick trailer for a new fighter, and boy is it a change of pace... Mega64 Podcast 207 - Justin Rojas (FUNimation) Skype call: I'm kind of a big Mega64 fan, but this clip is still pretty cool for those at all interested or following Justin on the FUNimation blogs, talking a little bit about exclusive info on upcoming Dragon Age and Mass Effect animated films, the new Full Metal Alchemist film, as well as secret guests appearing at the red carpet premiere (Tell 'em!) Heita3 - Fruit Wind Instruments: Okay, so Elliot kind of went a bit crazy this week while we were recording the new Japanator podcast this last Friday, so I thought I'd be kind enough to share to you all some of our favorite videos from user Heita3, who makes working, practical wind instruments out of food. Elliot especially liked the egg one... Have a video or suggestion to share? Hit us up in the comments, or via email and Twitter. To send it in, link said video down in the comments, via my email ( [email protected] ) or by clicking the image below.

"YOU GUYS! You guys... it's an egg... it's an egg that has been turned into an ocarina! And right next to that? It's a watermelon... that has been- are you following me? -that has been jimmy-rigged into a makeshift ocarina as...


Epic sword is epic! Comes with bonus math problem

Jun 18
// Aoi
I couldn't bring myself to horizontally crop this one from o'er at Sankaku, a full-size replica of Guts' Dragon Slayer from that heartwarming coming-of-age tale, Berserk, and the only other sword permitted in international &q...

Weekend Japanatainment: the history of Spoo edition!

Dec 30
// God Len
This Weekend Japanatainment is dedicated to that hideous pepper-shaped creature named Spoo that almost everybody has seen before, but never truly understood. The truth behind Spoo is a mystery hidden by the very people who c...

Geneon's swan song: Refunds for defective Saber Clocks available

Nov 30
// Brad Rice
While Geneon is departing from the DVD market, they aren't leaving their fans high and dry. As it is, they've released the sixth volume of Fate/Stay Night, and the limited edition of it came with two pencil boards and...


Kira Star trailer up on TMA website [NSFW]

Nov 02
// Brad Rice
No, you're not so lucky as to have me put up the video here on the site. I have standards! But, you can head over to TMA's site and check out the promo video. Yes, it's NSFW, but it's also hilarious. Plus, the...

This Spoo video completes me

Jan 25
// Dale North
First off, if you're not versed on all things "Spoo" then this post probably best explains its history. And I guess if you don't know about mugen (how this video was made), I had better point you over to some info about tha...

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