TyranoBuilder photo

Rawr: TyranoBuilder lets you make your own visual novels

Sounds like a roaring good time
Mar 23
I may be prehistorically late to the festivities, but there's something intriguing about Nyu Media's collaboration with STRIKEWORKS. Thanks to their cooperation, TyranoBuilder, a user-friendly program that lets you create yo... read
Tokyo School Life photo
Tokyo School Life

Enrol as a Virtual Exchange Student in Tokyo School Life

School Girls in seifuku 'nuff said
Feb 19
Visual novels are nothing new in Japan but they're still incredibly niche in the west. I don't think we'll be seeing copies of Clannad or School Days on the shelves of Gamestop anytime soon, but they're gradually finding thei... read
Neptunia Re;Birth1 photo
Neptunia Re;Birth1

[Update] Planeptune rules: Neptunia Re;Birth1 heads to Steam on Wednesday

Steam is ready to embrace Gamindustri
Jan 24
[Update: Idea Factory International revealed that Neptunia Re;Birth1's debut on Steam was slightly delayed, and the game's release date is now Jan. 29] It's been a good while since Idea Factory International announc... read
Phantom Breaker photo
Phantom Breaker

PSA: Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds hits Steam today

You can't go wrong with 2D beat em' ups and magical girls
Jan 23
If you've been itching to play a fun 2D beat em' game on the PC, then you'll be happy to know that MAGES' Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds game's now on Steam. Thanks to Degica's help in making this release possible, more... read
Steam sale photo
Steam sale

PSA: Anime is the name of Steam's weekend game sale

Now with more amorous avians!
Jan 09
Of all the geeky trends people took note of in 2014, one of the least appreciated is the Japanese gaming industry's growing embrace of indie development and global digital distribution. Sure, it's been happening for the last ... read
Contest Winners! photo
The lucky five!
Free stuff is great, isn't it? That's likely what you all were thinking when you signed on to our giveaway with Moenovel for free Steam copies of If My Heart Had Wings! Sadly, we only had five copies to give away, and we've j... read feature

If My Heart Had Wings photo
Just answer one simple question!
[Update: Contest is over, everyone! The winners will be contacted by the email address they signed up for Japanator with!] We've got a treat for you story-game fans out there, and it comes to you courtesy of our buds at ... read feature

Final Fantasy XIII-2 photo
Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 time-warps to Steam soon

Time-tripping on the machine of the future
Nov 12
Ever since Final Fantasy XIII hit the PC way back in the halcyon days of last month, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that the rest of Square Enix's grand, ill-fated trilogy would eventually make it over as well... read

Visual novel CLANNAD is getting a Steam release in English

Sekai Project takes the first big step with Visual Arts/Key
Aug 24
During their panel at Japan Expo USA, Sekai Project announced that they are releasing Key/Visual Arts's CLANNAD visual novel on Steam. It will be the full-voiced edition of the game. However there aren't much more details bey... read
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Otakon '14: MangaGamer grabs eden*, euphoria, and more

MangaGamer has a few new tricks up their sleeve
Aug 09
As Otakon 2014 continues to invade Baltimore's region, MangaGamer's ready to reveals their latest acquisitions. This time around, the company's working on a goal that'll please many visual novel fans if everything goes accor... read
The Legend of Heroes photo
The Legend of Heroes

Cheers! Trails in the Sky's PC version gets a release date

It's time to launch more trailers into the sky!
Jul 23
As XSEED Games and Carpe Fulgur continue to work on The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, the awesome folks at XSEED have announced that the first Trails in the Sky game's hitting Steam and GOG on July 29th (next Tuesda... read
Visual Novels photo
Visual Novels

AX '14: Sekai Project to localize Grisaia no Kajitsu, planetarian

Front Wing and Visual Arts on board
Jul 03
At Anime Expo Sekai Project announced that they are partnering with Visual Arts, the studio that publishes high profile Key titles, to release planetarian in English officially. There was a previous release of it with a ... read
World End Economica photo
Don't fly me to the moon
[Originally posted at Destructoid.] Visual novels are a finicky medium. It's difficult enough to drum up interest because of their exotic origins, and harder still to find an audience due to their nature -- it's a bunch of re... read feature

Sega Humble Weekly Sale photo
Sega Humble Weekly Sale

Sega offering 19 games in the Humble Weekly Sale

Going in for 18 of them!
Mar 13
The team at are really good at pinching the pennies from your virtual wallet, even rivalling Steam's sales with its 'pay what you want' game bundles. This week is no exception, as Sega is stepping up and putt... read
Video Games photo
Video Games

Pick up Go! Go! Nippon on Steam

Adding drool-worthy imaginary food to Valve's popular service
Feb 26
You certainly can't complain that there aren't enough ways to get your hands on OVERDRIVE's visual novel/Japan travel guide Go! Go! Nippon~My First Trip to Japan: you can download it from MangaGamer, we let you know... read
Video game photo
Video game

Cloudbuilt takes ninja-platforming to the next level

Jetpacks, mechs and wall-runs
Feb 04
Here at Japanator, we tend to be very picky when it comes to covering Western-developed games. When it comes to our gaming coverage, we typically stick to titles developed by Japanese developers or on rare occasions, titles ... read
Vidya photo

Final Fantasy XIV coming to steam?

Yeah, seems that way
Dec 14
If you were one of those people waiting for permission from your Steam overlords to purchase a copy of Final Fantasy XIV, you're in luck. In a recent notice relating to server maintenance, it notes that additional "worlds" or... read
Final Fantasy 8 photo
Final Fantasy 8

Update: Final Fantasy 8 on Steam might be a thing

Hopefully you can have Squall scowl on your PC soon
Dec 05
[Update: It's been confirmed. Final Fantasy VIII has officially launched on Steam.] After a false start, Final Fantasy VIII on Steam might actually be coming. NeoGAF detectives have found some new info on the Steam registry f... read
Vidya photo

Narcissu visual novels on Steam Greenlight

Looking to garner support from fans.
Nov 04
Thanks to Steam's Greenlight program, we've been seeing more and more indie games making their way to the digital distribution platform, including many niche titles and visual novels that would have otherwise gone unnoticed ... read
Atlus photo

Big Atlus sale on PSN and Steam

Grab some great deals! Or don't. I won't tell you how to live your life.
Nov 02
Looking for some games to hold you over until Novemberpocalypse happens? Yes, I know there's tons of games on the horizon, but this is the calm before the storm! Now's the best time to catch up on anything you missed earlier,... read
Vanguard Princess Steam photo
Vanguard Princess Steam

Doujin fighter Vanguard Princess coming to Steam

All the princesses, all the vanguards
Nov 01
Publisher eigoMANGA has announced that Vanguard Princess, a doujin fighting game, will be hitting Steam this winter. After appearing on Steam Greenlight, it took nine days for the game to get voted in by a fairly whopping 39,... read
Doujin photo

Get ready for Nyu Media's third wave of Doujin games

A Doujin Tsunami is heading our way!
Oct 14
It's been a good while since Nyu Media unleashed for their second wave of doujin titles, and the company's next cataclysmic attack is even greater than before. Speaking of which, the first game to enter the tsunami is Yataga... read
Visual Novel photo
Visual Novel

Dysfunctional Systems hits Steam later this week

The digital platform's first traditional visual novel
Sep 24
It could be argued that visual novels are almost a dime a dozen these days, and while most fail to spark the interest of press and consumers alike, there are always the exceptions. Granted, it's not easy to succeed in a genr... read
Higurashi retranslation? photo
Higurashi retranslation?

Higurashi: When they Cry could be spruced up for Steam

There's a lot of words in this thing.
Sep 23
Everyone's favourite psycho-loli visual novel was recently pushed through the Greenlight process, but it might hit Steam any time soon. It seems that MangaGamer, the localisation company that has sold the visual novel outside... read
Deadly Premonition photo
Deadly Premonition

F K! Deadly Premonition coming to PC, Greenlight it now

I saw it in the coffee!
Jul 18
Score another one for the PC master race, as one of the most unique games of the current console generation could be making its way to the One True Platform. Yes, Deadly Premonition is coming, and if you want to experie... read
Final Fantasy VII photo
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII available on Steam

now with achievements, and more!
Jul 04
Several years ago, fans delved into Steam's registry and discovered a listing for Final Fantasy VII. While a release seemed unlikely, some held out hope that the game would eventually make its way to the digital platform. Those hopes were raised when Square Enix decided to re-release the title on their own digital store last year, and now after such a long wait, the Steam edition finally arrived. read
Ys I & II Chronicles+ photo
The definitive version of two beloved classics.
You may not realize this, but Ys I & II are video game classics that the action RPGs of today owe a helluva lot to.  Up until XSEED's partnership with Falcom, the developers of Ys, North America's exposure to th... read feature


Start off your Valentines Day by giving Adol some love

Valentines Day has gotten even better.
Feb 12
Valentines is only two days away, and XSEED is in for some tasty chocolates. By chocolates, I am talking about the dough that they will rake in from the Steam release of Ys I & II Chronicles +. Other than giving Adol som... read
Brawl! Brawl! Brawl!
Fantasy/medieval fight-to-the-death matches -- what isn't there to like? Clan of Champions was released by NIS at the end of October this year, featuring the vague plot of conquering evil-doers at a previously abandoned castl... read feature


Get ready to kick gelatinous goo in Nyu Media's new game

Time to take down some slimes!
Oct 15
When things are about to get slimy, sometimes the best solution is to get your feet dirty. And speaking of dirty feet, Nyu Media's new game known as Fairy Bloom Freesia has you play as a fairy called Freesia that uses her fa... read

Want Higurashi on Steam? Give them a hand!

Do you know Oyashiro-sama?
Sep 04
Just browsing through the games on Steam Greenlight, it's pretty clear that many established titles are using it as a way to creep onto the powerful service. It seems that the folks over at MangaGamer have noticed that it's t... read

Vote! MangaGamer puts Go! Go! Nippon! on Steam Greenlight

My First Trip To Japan could make its first trip to Steam
Sep 01
In case you haven't been keeping up with the wild world of videogame digital distribution, here's a quick news flash: Valve, the reigning poobahs of PC play have just launched Steam Greenlight, their new crowdsourced com... read

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