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Sumo photo

Japanese-born sumo wrestler wins first tournament in ten years

Enter the land of the giants!
Jan 26
// Soul Tsukino
In Saturday's finale of the New Year's Grand Sumo Tournament, history was made when ozeki-ranked (second highest rank in sumo) Kotoshogiku became the first Japanese-born wrestler to win a tournament in a decade. The 31-year-o...

Check out this year's top-tier Sumo fashion crazes

Jul 23 // Soul Tsukino
The Kesho Mawashi is a special ornate sumo belt worn by the wrestlers at the start of the day's matches. These belts can be a design sent in by fan clubs, the wrestler's sponsors, or just something the wrestler came up with himself. I've got to say that Takayasu wins with the Charlie Chaplin reference. I have no idea why he uses that image and looking around I can't seem to find an answer. But go him for being different. So let's see what the trendy Sumo wrestler is wearing for the summer shall we?     I've got to say that Takayasu wins with the Charlie Chaplin reference
Sumo Wrestling photo
The latest in Ceremonial Sumo belts
Thanks to a YouTuber Kintamayama and his wonderful sumo coverage, we got a rare look at the ceremonial Kesho-Mawashi, or entrance ceremony belts that the sumo wrestlers are wearing in the current sumo wrestling tournament held in Nagoya. Japan.

Sumo photo

Canadian makes impact in Sumo debut

Homarenishiki starts to climb the ranks
May 22
// Soul Tsukino
It's not often you see a representative of the great white north inside the sumo halls of Japan, in fact it's been 30 years. Not since future WWF pro wrestler, the late John Tenta, made his debut in 1985 has a Canadian taken ...
Chanko: Sumo soup photo
Eat like a Sumo wrestler
I recently went to a restaurant in Tokyo which specializes in Chankonabe, or the hot pot-style cooking of Chanko, which is the traditional soup that Sumo wrestlers eat in order to get big and strong. It starts with a simple ...


Sumo wrestlers get custom double-wide seat at McDonald's

Sep 09
// Dale North
What do you do if you want to grab a bite to eat at McDonald's, but your ass is the width of a compact car? That's not an issue for sumo wrestlers in Tokyo's Taito ward. The McDonald's right near the Ryogoku Kokugikan arena g...

Australian teenager plops down for some sumo practice

Aug 04
// Brad Rice
Who says sumo is just a guy's sport? Most of the nearly-naked sumo wrestlers do, but that's not stopping Samantha-Jane Stacey from embarking on the path to become a world-class sumo wrestler. You can see here the journey this...

Sumo grand champ Asashoryu announces divorce

Jul 09
// Brad Rice
That's right: if you're a woman who happens to be a chubby-chaser, then you've got the chance to land yourself a jackpot of a man here. The sumo grand champion Asashoryu announced that he's getting a divorce from his wife of ...

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