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2:00 PM on 04.11.2015

Annotated Anime: Unlimited Blade Works episodes 13-14

When last we checked in with Unlimited Blade Works, ufotable's big, fabulously expensive-looking adaptation of Fate/stay night's most beloved story arc left our heroes in the lurch. Though an adorable date opened episode twel...

Josh Tolentino

2:00 AM on 07.28.2014

Ufotable's take on Fate/stay night UBW looks hot

In what can only be described as a "oh wait, really?" kind of moment, Ufotable revealed this past Sunday that their upcoming new Fate/stay night TV series would be adapting the Unlimited Blade Works route of the video game. ...

Elliot Gay

2:00 PM on 05.08.2014

New Fate/Stay Night trailer features Taiga's lesson

Aniplex Japan has posted a new trailer for the remake of Fate/Stay night by animation studio ufotable. It's not really different from the first Fate/Stay night trailer shown from Anime Japan earlier this year, but it's worth...

Jeff Chuang

3:00 PM on 03.25.2014

New Fate/stay night anime cast announced, trailers, speculations

The new Fate/stay night anime remake featuring a newly written story showed off its second animation trailer over the weekend at Anime Japan 2014. If you haven't heard, this is a new TV anime in the works that will be produc...

Jeff Chuang

4:00 PM on 01.28.2014

Fate/Stay Night remake to air in fall 2014

I'm a freak. I admit it. Why am I a freak? Well, according to the Type-Moon fans in the audience it's because I actually really liked the original Fate/Stay Night series created years ago by Studio DEEN. Yes, despite its flaw...

LB Bryant

7:22 AM on 10.13.2013

God Eater 2 opening anime is cool as ice

Animation studio Ufotable doesn't exactly handle a whole lot of projects at once, but they put a ton of care and effort into the stuff they do work on. Case in point: God Eater 2's beautiful anime opening up top. For those o...

Elliot Gay

12:00 PM on 07.12.2013

More Fate/stay night anime, confirmed by ufotable

During the premiere of the new 3D Garden of Sinners: Fukan Fukei movie in Japan, a preview video confirming animation studio ufotable's next Fate universe project was screened. Various witnesses reported the PV sigh...

Jeff Chuang

9:00 PM on 07.08.2013

Huzzah! Fate/Zero gets a NA BD/DVD release with the dub

I'm in love with Ufotable's Fate/Zero anime adaptation.  On a technical level, it's a beautiful looking show with fantastic direction, a great soundtrack, and amazing cinematography. In fact, I loved it so much that I bo...

Elliot Gay

GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack! doesn't need any extra wasabi photo
GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack! doesn't need any extra wasabi
by Hiroko Yamamura

The television and theatres are overrun with zombie movies nowadays. You just can't avoid 'em. Cities infested with the evil walking dead. How about a film with some evil walking fish?

You might not look at your sushi the same after you check out the new trailer for GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack! The film is headed to DVD on July 9th, and will be released by our friends over at Aniplex of America. You can pick it up the ufotable anime for $37.95, probably what you would have spent on a nice sushi dinner, which you will probably be skipping after watching this.


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6:05 PM on 02.06.2013

Wait, what? Neon Alley to summon Fate/Zero's English dub

I didn't think that I would live to see Fate/Zero and English dub in the same sentence, since many of us assumed that Aniplex's release of Fate/Zero's import set would nullify the possibility of seeing a release wi...

Salvador GRodiles

Friday Night Fights: Homura vs Kiritsugu photo
Friday Night Fights: Homura vs Kiritsugu
by Salvador GRodiles

*ding, ding, ding*

It's over!

Red XIII is taking quite a blow from Repede's swift knife attacks -- very impressive, Repede. And right as Repede readies one of his Artes, Red XIII attacks with Cosmo Memory. Luckily, Repede isn't your average dog, so he was able to dodge before he blows into his pipe. As Red XIII is left vulnerable to damage, Repede uses a series of flashy slashes and flips, as he astounds the audience with his vibrant attack. Repede wins! (10 > 2) 

Urobuchi has been on my mind lately, so we are going to have a showdown between two characters that had the honor of having him involved in their mediums. Her love for Madoka knows no bounds, let's clear the ring for Homura Akemi. This man will do whatever it takes to make his ideals a reality, be sure to take cover, because Kiritsugu Emiya has selected his next target. With two fighters that can manipulate time, the winner will need to find a way to counter the other person's ability before it activates. 

Your vote circuits and persuasion soul gems will be the key in determining the outcome of this fight. Be sure to add a +1 to the contender that you side with, since it will allow us to keep track of the score during the frozen segments of this showdown. The battle will go from today till Wednesday, so make sure that your vote goes up on time. Get ready to take cover, because there's going to be a whole lot of shrapnel flying around. 

*ding, ding, ding*

On your mark.

Get set.


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Unboxing! the Garden of sinners photo
Unboxing! the Garden of sinners
by Hiroko Yamamura

Somehow the 2007 series of movies, the Garden of sinners totally escaped my radar. The story is made up of seven different ful length films, each brought to us by a renowned director. The story revolves around the mysterious Shiki Ryougi, and her dark new powers. Sounds like my cup of tea.

We rip into the new Aniplex set, based on the Kodansha series by Kinoko Nasu. The lovely set is currently only presented in DVD, and contains 8 discs, a fantastic companion book, and some lovely oversized post cards. The set retails for $180.98, but can be ordered directly from Aniplex right now for $149.98. Make sure you check back in the next couple weeks for my full review! I better stock up on some popcorn now.

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