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A Daily Dose of Battles: Pravda marches to war

9:00 AM on 01.31.2013 // Hiroko Yamamura

Music to my ears

Let's literally kick things off with our first themed Daily Dose of 2013! The week, your favorite Japanator editors let you know which famous anime battles get their adrenaline going, fists clenched, and showcase what we all crave. Epic battle sequences. Pull out the popcorn and prepare for a trip down memory lane. Don't see your anime being represented? Let us know your favorite scene the comments, and I'll do my best to post the most popular reader battle scene at the end of the week! 

Josh Tolentino - Girls und Panzer Episode 8

"While this technically isn't a battle scene, sometimes the most exciting parts happen before the first shot is fired. This is one of those moments. As Pravda, the fake-Russian tankery school of Girls und Panzer rolls off to war, Nonna, played by the Russophone voice actress Sumire Uesaka, bursts into a lovely, heavily accented rendition of Katyusha, a popular Russian marching anthem. It's an absolutely perfect scene that affirms just how much Girls und Panzer is a labor of love, one that truly appreciates its subject matter and the respects the cultures that spawned it.

In a medium often accused of trading in insensitive stereotypes, Girls und Panzer is a rare counterexample. It may not be the smartest anime on the block, but it has tons more heart than the majority of its peers, and displays it in a way that's easy to see and appreciate, where some of its similarly heartfelt ilk tend to obscure it in the problematic fog of creepy moe and underage sexiness *cough*StrikeWitches*cough*."

Hiroko Yamamura, Editor-in-Chief
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