A Daily Dose of Music: Shu Watanabe

Nov 23 // Salvador GRodiles    @TheCrimsonBlade

Pu, To, Tyra, Putotyrannosaurus!

Hiroko is partying it out in Puerto Rico, so she has given me the order to hold up the Daily Dose's fort. Black Friday can be a very tempting day, since there are so many hot deals that will make your shopping day worthwhile. It's too bad that everyone one is after the same deals, which results in a massive conflict. 

But never fear, folks, as I have found the right song to help you overcome the crowds that roam throughout the Dark Hour...um, I mean Black Friday. Power to Tearer by Shu Watanabe and Akira Kushida manages to awaken the hidden desire to go wild and tear things down without a care in the world. In fact, listening to this song will turn you into an unstoppable force that will allow you to obtain those precious deals with ease. 

There's a good reason why Power to Tearer is the theme song of Kamen Rider OOO's Putotyra Combo, and that's because it goes well with the nature of Putotyra's abilities. You have to give Watanabe some props, since he also plays as Kamen Rider OOO's main character, along with providing his voice to the other songs for OOO's Combos. 

Once you finish your rampage for those special deals, you can check out an extra dose to help you bring judgement to others. 


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