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A Daily Dose of Music: SpecialThanks

12:00 PM on 11.26.2012

That's right people, don't get too excited. The love of your life, Hiroko Yamamura is back, and of course I'm packing the newest hits from Japan. Gotta give a big shout out to last week's VJ Sal, for holding down the fort with some amazing tunes!

To kick off your Monday we have a new tune from the uber cute rock band, SpecialThanks. The trio from Aichi come at us with a much more chill single than I'm used to, but its sweetness is really growing on me. Misaki is as lovely as ever with her smooth guitar riffs and heart melting voice. The simplicity of SpecialThanks really comes through in this new track, I MY ME MINE, which as usual is in English.

Don't forget to pick up their lastest EP, Campanula e.p., due in stores December 5th. At only 2000 copies, these will make a fantastic gift for someone you love... Like me!

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