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A Daily Dose of Music: Utada Hikaru

10:00 AM on 11.17.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

She's back!

Hiroko has gone out to get a taste of the Delicious Port, so she has left me in charge of Daily Dose. Today on Daily Dose, we welcome back Hikki from her long hiatus. And boy is it good to see her back. 

Her new song Sakura Nagishi was featured in Evangelion 3.0 Q, which follows up on Hikki's trend in singing the ending theme for each of the Rebuild movies. All in all, Hikki's voice returns with a vengeance as we see flowers bloom and babies getting nurtured by the glory of her voice. 

I hope you have enjoyed your time off, Hikki, and welcome back!

[via Arama They Didn't!]

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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