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Ghost in the Shell

A few minutes of Ghost in the Shell to watch and/or judge

9:00 AM on 03.23.2017 // Josh Tolentino

That wall-run, though

There's just a week to go until Ghost in the Shell heads off to theaters, and Paramount is betting that at least some folks will still want to see the film, even after they give away five whole minutes of it. 

Embedded below, the scene comes from the beginning of the movie, and details Scarlett Johansson's character doffing her coat for a skin-tight thermoptic camo suit and diving off the side of a futuristic building to participate in a riff on Ghost in the Shell's iconic skyscraper assassination scene.

Fans might like the many visual homages it makes to various parts of the franchise. The virtualized "hacking" view looks like the amber-toned wireframe from Innocence's hacking sequences, while the presence of Geisha robots and briefcase-guns blends elements from the manga, the 1995 film, and even the Standalone Complex TV series. If nothing else, I wouldn't mind watching the film to see how many other homages they'll be able to pack in.

Josh Tolentino, Managing Editor
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