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A kitten taking a warm bath brings great joy to my heart

4:00 PM on 02.25.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

Take that, evil Mondays!

As you are ready to clock out of your day job, please take a moment and behold the adorableness of a kitten enjoying a relaxing hot springs-like experience. Okay, it's technically not a hot springs, but you get what I mean.

Perhaps the biggest surprise out of this video is that this bath marks the first time that Hana-chan the kitten is enjoying a bath in warm water. Normally, cats wouldn't tolerate this type of treatment, but something tells me that the water's current temperature played a big role in keeping Hana-chan relaxed.

Adding to the cuteness on screen, Hana-chan is bathing in a small cup, as she's wears a little towel on her head. In the end, Hana-chan might learn to appreciate warm baths, which means that her owner won't have to worry about facing the Fury Swipes of an adult Hana-chan. 

[via Rocket News 24]

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