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A moment of silence for the original Ran Ran Ruu

3:30 PM on 12.16.2009
A moment of silence for the original Ran Ran Ruu photo

What would Japanator be without Ran Ran Ruu? So much of our time has been spent making fun of the Japanese Ronald McDonald that I almost can't imagine our website without these stories.

We wouldn't have the Japanese Ron McD to make fun of if there wasn't ever the original American one. Yesterday it was reported that the original clown, Michael Polakovs, the first person to portray Ronald McDonald, died at age 86. He was originally hired in 1966 by McDonald's to help create the character. Polakovs must have been proud to know that the clown he created made it around the world. He probably cringed when he saw the Japanese version, though. 

To pay tribute, can we all give a silent, solem Ran Ran Ruu?

1. Ran: Cross your arms across your chest to touch your shoulders.

2. Ran: Put your hands together in a silent clap.

3. Ruu: Raise your hands straight up in the air. 

There's a new video after the jump so that we remember him fondly.

[image from i-Freez's deviantart]

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