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A new version of School Days, a new way to die horribly

3:00 PM on 10.15.2010 // Pedro Cortes

Back in 2005 an H-game called School Days came out featuring limited animation instead of static images. However, it's more well known for three of its bad endings, where protagonists are either brutally murdered or graphically commit suicide. An amalgamation of these endings were used for the 2007 School Days anime, whose ending was heavily censored during its TV broadcast because of several real life murders that occurred at the same time.

Overflow, makers of School Days and all its spin offs, recently released an improved version of its classic called School Days HQ. They bumped up the resolution of all the videos and have added additional scenes, including a psycho Sekai ending that has Kotonoha catch a train...quite literally. Here's a bit of a spoiler: They don't get along very well. The video is after the jump and while it isn't too graphic, it ain't pretty either.

So I ask all of you, will NICE BOAT get replaced by NICE TRAIN? Who's the better yandere, Kotonoha or Sekai?

[via Sankaku Complex]



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