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A second Devil Survivor 2 anime trailer gets fused, dated

8:00 AM on 01.01.2013

Aww yeah. April can't come soon enough, because April, site of the spring 2013 anime scene, is the month when the anime adaptation of Devil Survivor 2 opens. To celebrate, Famitsu released a new trailer to complement to the more vague video released some weeks ago.

While I'm slightly disappointed that they didn't opt to adapt Devil Survivor 1 first, especially since there was more potential in that game for egregious use and abuse of biblical/Christian references, but the weird alien monsters that serve as Devil Survivor 2's big threat, plus its future-prediction cellphone gimmick, is probably better for cool CG creature design (think the Evangelion remake's take on Angels), and the voluminous cast fits the ensemble template.

But enough blabbering about an anime that isn't even out yet! GET HYPE for the trailer above!

A second Devil Survivor 2 anime trailer gets fused, dated photo
A second Devil Survivor 2 anime trailer gets fused, dated photo

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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

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