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Accel World AR shirts are as augmented as the show is

12:00 PM on 02.10.2013

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

The future of clothing is here

Say what you will about Accel World, but one of the cooler things about it was its kickass vision of a future that's fully integrated with augmented reality (AR) tech. Imagine a world where Google Glasses fully took over, and everything's at more or less the halfway point between our world today and the fully cyborg world of Ghost in the Shell. Even without the superpowers of Brain Burst and its conception of a (frankly awesome) Massive Online fighting game, Accel World's future is pretty damn cool.

Now folks can get a taste of that AR-domination with some funky Accel World t-shirts. The shirts are printed with a special symbol on the back which, when read by a special smartphone app, will display a set of wings on the wearer's back. One shirt shows protagonist Haruyuki's famous "Silver Crow" wings, while another shows Snow Black's butterfly wings. Unsurprisingly, the Haruyuki shirt's sized for guys, and the Snow Black shirt's meant for girls, though no one'll stop you if you want to cross AR boundaries. It's not like dudes playing as ladies in an MMO is unheard of, after all.

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