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Achtung! Fans make Girls und Panzer World of Tanks skins

12:08 PM on 11.12.2012 // Josh Tolentino

It looks lordly now

It looks like armored-warfare-as-feminine-sport anime Girls und Panzer's making a few waves, not just in the moe crowd, but among military nerds as well, particularly players of's free-to-play online tank battler World of Tanks

One would think the traditional stereotype of an overly serious armchair general would bluster and seethe at the preposterous concept, but at least a few intrepid World of Tanks players have taken a shine to the gaggle of girls driving antique World War II armor around. They've released a new custom mod for World of Tanks that changes the appearance of the in-game StuG III Tank Destroyer to resemble the StuG III driven by the Theater Club (also known as "Team Hippo"), in all its mish-mashed military glory. 

Just look at that paint scheme! Mixing patterns from the Shinsengumi, German Afrikakorps, and bright Roman red (with latin quotes, of course), and topped with samurai banners from famous Japanese generals, it's a grognard's dream - or nightmare!

Check out a video of the skin in action below, as well as the work of other Girls und Panzer fans mapping out the real-life route of the tank battle in episode 4 (apparently patterned on the town of Ooarai in Japan's Ibaraki prefecture), and some real-life attempts to emulate episode 5's tank-shaped cakes.

The Original


The tank battle of Ooarai


Girls und Cake

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