Akina Minami confirmed to star in next Ju-On film

3:00 PM on 04.09.2009

I know I've slacked off in my duty as a J-horror fan when it's not only news to me that gravure idol Akina Minami is going to star the next Ju-On movie, but that there is even one in production in the first place. I've failed as a horror enthusiast! Bad Colette!

At any rate, Tokyograph reports that the rather adorable nineteen year old Minami will play the lead female role in the upcoming film, called "Ju-On: Shiroi Roujo". The marks a definite departure from the age range of the actresses in the previous films, such as Chiaki Kuriyama and Noriko Sakai. Minami commented, "I was too scared after reading the script, so I told my manager I didn't think I could do it. But since it was the leading role for the 'Ju-on' series, I thought that I had to do it by any means necessary."Knowing the Ju-On films, she'll have quite a few frightning moments ahead of her to contend with.

The film itself will be directed by Ryota Miyake and places Minami in the role of a high schooler with a knack for the supernatural and baggage in the form of a friend who died in the past in a mysterious murder case. The film will be released in Japan this June. I hope it could be good, but I'm wary of sequels. Still, Minami would look pretty cute terrified....

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