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American Dad plays 'Japanese funk' group Perfume

9:00 PM on 02.15.2010 // Zac Bentz

It's been ages and eons since I was last desperate enough to watch an episode of American Dad. I'm all for Seth MacFarlane ruling animated TV, just so long as it's Family Guy and only Family Guy and none of the Meg episodes because those are almost as bad as Lisa episodes.

So that explains why it took Miyagawa posting on Twitter about a post on his blog about the following clip from the show. In it, a robotic Stan (the American Dad referenced in the title of American Dad) from the future plays a song for his wife. "It's Japanese funk. Give it chance! Everyone loves it in the future," he explains in some sort of accent for some reason. That future funk comes from none-other than the very much current Japanese pop group Perfume.

As a bit, was probably more interesting to the .0000000001% of viewers watching who already knew who Perfume were (aka Miyagawa) than all the other regular American Dad aficionados who likely thought the song was a gag written specifically for the show.

Funk your booty on over past the jump to judge the full clip for yourself.


Zac Bentz,
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