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An ode to itchy crotches, sung by Japanese salarymen

12:00 PM on 07.01.2011 // Bob Muir

This ad, found after the break, looks like a normal ad for a product, with lots of salarymen gloriously singing about some sort of product. But that's only because you likely don't understand Japanese. If you did, you'd realize they're singing about itchy balls.

That's right. This is an ad for Delicare, a cream that soothes an itchy nutsack during the summer heat. I suppose there's a market for that, depending on where you live.

But this is an entire room of men, all loudly singing about their scratchy cajones. That is so. Freaking. Awkward. Remind me never to get a desk job in Japan, lest something like this inadvertently happens.

[Via Japan Probe]

Bob Muir, Contributor
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