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Animazement 2012: Cosplay gallery part 1

3:00 PM on 05.26.2012

Salvador GRodiles

Senior Editor

Listen up you fans who won't amount to anything, Jeff Chuang is currently in the process of uncovering the secrets of Animazement 2012. Today, Jeff uncovers the secrets behind the cosplayers that lurk within the convention. 

Taken during the days of Thursday and Friday, Animazement is filled with a few surprises that you would not expect out of a small anime convention. Since this is a secret con, it would not be surprising to find a cosplayer that resembles a villain from a secret organization that has the Ranger Keys of the Gorangers and Geki Violet worn around his neck, along having with the Core Medals that belong to Kamen Rider OOO on his costume.

You can't have a secret con without the members of the Future Gadget Laboratory presenting their latest findings related to time travel. In the name of science, make sure to check out the photos taken by Jeff. 

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