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Animazement 2012: Cosplay gallery part 2

10:00 PM on 06.02.2012 // Jeff Chuang

It's one thing to watch Kore wa Zombie Desuka? and laugh at Ayumu having to turn into a magical girl. It's another to see a muscular man in the flesh, with the same getup. I hope he has mastered the Mystletainn Kick.

The secrets of Animazement 2012 are deep and difficult to fathom; as a result I have to apologize for the slim picking compared to part 1. The 7600 or so cheerful con attendees filled up Raleigh Convention Center with sights and sounds that typifies a larger con, but the smaller crowd makes this a very homely and relaxed experience. 

Check out the cosplays from Saturday and Sunday on Memorial Day Weekend, and hopefully I'll get around and post more deep secrets from the guests and panels I was able to spy on! Click on for the usual gallery and I hope it doesn't scare you too much.

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