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Love Kome -We Love Rice-

Anime about a rice-themed Idol group is a thing that is happening

7:00 PM on 02.21.2017 // Red Veron

Like Love Live but with rice

"In a world where people are losing interest in eating rice, five students will come together to save their school, Inaho Academy, from shutting down by getting people to eat rice again." Sounds wacky, huh? Well, that's a real anime that is coming out in April for the spring anime season.

Love Kome -We Love Rice- (Kome is pronounced KOH-meh, means rice) is an anime that is real and will be on the airwaves and interwebs that will feature five personifications of popular Japanese rice brands trying to save their school by forming an idol group named "Love Rice". The group intends "regain the popularity of rice" by performing at the super important sounding upcoming Harvest Show.

Not only will there be an anime, but also a manga adaptation titled Love Kome ~Rice is beautiful~ that will have it's own original story.

So this is a thing that is really happening and I think it's brilliant. They're likely targeting a female demographic that might be more conscious about eating a carbohydrate (I know I am) like rice and thinking that bread might be a better chic alternative (it's not, they're all evil carbs). Sorry, I'm on a low-carb diet but I can still watch this show just to see how they can make rice look nice.

[Official Japanese site here]

[via CrunchyrollANN]

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