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Anime No Chikara is on break, its death exaggerated?

10:02 AM on 08.04.2010 // Jeff Chuang

A lot of news flew by during Otakon weekend, and one juicy gob of information that came my way was about the television anime project Anime No Chikara. For those of you unaware, Anime No Chikara is a TV Tokyo (TV station), Aniplex (publisher) and A1 Pictures (animation studio) project that aims to develop the next generation of animators in Japan, and to create original TV anime.

Earlier last week, the Japanese net was already curious as to the fate of the programming block for the fall season when its time slot was replaced with the adaptation of Otome Yokai Zakuro. Currently the Anime No Chikara time slot is airing the supernatural anime, Occult Academy. Prior to that, Anime No Chikara also featured the semi-controversial historic fiction Senkou no Night Raid and the debut work, Sora no Woto.

We confirmed the future of Anime no Chikara with producer Tomonori Ochikoshi, and the programming segment is taking a break. Click on the jump to read a rough translation when we asked him about it.

This is actually an excerpt of a press panel at Otakon 2010, which the rest will be coming shortly once I get some sleep back!

22. Anime No Chikara is the all-original anime TV program. How is it doing and what are some upcoming shows for it?

Ochikoshi: It is A1/TVT/Aniplex combined project. We currently have 3 anime works under Anime No Chikara including what is currently on air. One purpose of Anime No Chikara is to develop a new generation of anime creators. Even though in Japan, Anime No Chikara is well-received, after these 3 works are done we will take a break and think about what to do next. There is a meaning to continue this project, so we will rejoin and continue to create these works.


Personally I am somewhat sad about this development. Original anime can be some of the most rewarding things--shows like FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam and Evangelion are all original projects. The harsh reality is that you can't be successful and grow as an industry without taking some risks and experiencing some failure, so I hope those who worked on the three projects learned from it. More importantly, I hope Anime No Chikara comes back with something better and really amaze us. Occult Academy is already a great step forward...

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