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Anime song typing game TypingMania4 requires fingers of fury

10:38 AM on 09.13.2008 // Dale North

My job requires me to type all day, usually for about 6-8 hours a day. Normally the last thing I'd want to do is type more for leisure, but Japanator tipster Who The Hell Do You Think I Am? sent in this typing game tip at the perfect time, a Saturday morning.

TypingMania4 Online Edition Version 4.40 is a real bitch. I like everything about it except for the fact that I can't beat it. Playing it is simple in concept: you select a song and type the lines of lyrics as they come up. No worries, round eyes: you can play in either hiragana/katakana or romaji. All the controls are listed here.

The song list is pretty great, including "Inori~You Raise Me Up," "God Knows," "Eyes on Me," and many more. Here's a tip: don't think "The Sore Feet Song" will be easy just because it's in English. 

If you want to start out slow, go with one of my favorites, "Last Regrets," from the anime Kanon. This song has few lyrics and a nice slow tempo, letting you bust off combos, making you feel like a badass. I still missed 12 words. Uguu~ Check out my score from my first attempt above.

If you do well, post your results in the comments.

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