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Are you ready? The [email protected] to become a movie

12:54 AM on 02.10.2013 // Elliot Gay

Rejoice, The [email protected] fans. It looks like Namco Bandai isn't done with those spunky girls from 765Pro just yet.

At "THE [email protected] MUSIC [email protected] OF WINTER!!" live event held over the past few days, it was announced that a The [email protected] film is in production. No word on what type of story we're looking at here, though it has been stated that this will be a brand new production, rather than a clip show. A-1 Pictures will be reprising their role as the studio in charge of animation, while the rest of the voice cast will be returning to their respective characters as well. 

It's being billed as "A side of the girls you'll only be able to see in theaters."

More info as it hits, but for now take a look at the new key visual for the film.

[via Famitsu]

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