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Artist Alley After-Dark: Azu-Nyan Edition

8:00 PM on 11.12.2012 // MARC

Super duper NSFW

[Artist Alley is a new feature that updates about every MondayWednesday, and Friday, showcasing sick-ass Asian-flavored pics and sketches from rad artist on websites like PixivIllustDrawrDeviantARTFutaba and more, spanning from not only Japanese artists, but also Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and even inspired artists from the US and UK.]

Yesterday was a very special birthday for Azusa Nakano (of K-On! fame), officially clocking the underclassmen in as 18-years-old. Artist Seita saw fit to celebrate the occasion with numerous illustrations on Pixiv, and it wouldn't be here on Artist Alley if they weren't impressive! Honestly, I'd be hard pressed to pick the differences between these pieces and official artwork!

The thing is, though, is that turning 18-years-old is a very special time for a young lady... especially one as confused and curious as Azusa. Okay, enough with being creepy and vague, I'm gonna lay it out straight for you: Azusa naughty-pics below as a celebration for turning of legal age. If you don't want to look like a creeper, then make sure to hit the jump when no one else is around. Yadda yadda, NSFW and all that stuff.

Also, since her birthday coincides with the END OF THE WORLD, I decided to make this tribute video.

[PS: I might accidentally throw in some Mio Mugi pics. Don't worry, though... it's only because I like them so much better.]

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