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Artist Alley: sheep

2:30 PM on 10.24.2012 // MARC

Be warned! Some partial nudity below, yipes!

[Artist Alley is a new feature that updates about every MondayWednesday, and Friday, showcasing sick-ass Asian-flavored pics and sketches from rad artist on websites like PixivIllustDrawrDeviantARTFutaba and more, spanning from not only Japanese artists, but also Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and even inspired artists from the US and UK.]

Yo yo yo yo it'sthat time for another Artist Alley. You pumped?! You yoked yet? You getting yoked up for this post?! Well get yoked for sum o' dis stuff from artist sheep.

Sometimes, you gotta keep things traditional, ya mean? Keep that shit classy. Artist sheep is great at blending a lot of old and new together, so now there's a new standard of classy, know wattam sayin?

...uggh, I am really tired right now, I don't know what I'm typing anymore. Check out this dudes Pixiv right here and look below for more wonders.

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