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Astro Boy debuts at #6 at the box office, not looking too hot

11:00 AM on 10.26.2009 // Brad Rice

Well, it looks like Astro Boy has shown his true colors, coming in at #6 on its opening weekend, with $7 million. Also debuting over the weekend was Saw VI, which grossed $14 million, along with Cirque du Freak, which brought in $6 million and Amelia, which brought in $4 million.

Still, it's not terribly impressive for something that cost Imagi $65 million to make. I've seen reviews that swing both ways, but more in the negative direction. I'm still planning on seeing it sometime during the week, which could actually turn out to be a big help for Astro Boy.

There's been a growing awareness towards the weekly box office numbers in Hollywood, where sometimes they can keep a film afloat by posting numbers as large as their weekend draws, because of the different audience it's targeting. Since this is a kid's film, there's a chance that parents will bring their kids out to this on a Wednesday night or such, just to get out of the house.

Well, I hope Imagi at least breaks even on this flick. It was a noble effort. Have any of you seen Astro Boy already? What'd you think of it?

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