Astronaut lends his voice to Space Bros... from space!

Oct 09 // Chris Walden    @EuricaeriS

It seems we can hear you scream.

How amazing is this? Space Bros, the anime that follows Nanba Mutta in his quest to become an astronaut like his brother, has received a little more help from NASA and JAXA than we first thought. It seems that Akihiko Hoshide, a Japanese astronaut, has lent his voice to the show. He will get his anime debut in episode 31, which is due to air on November 4th. 

The greatest thing about this story isn't that they managed to get a real-life astronaut to read some lines, but rather where and how he did. Akihiko was on board the International Space Station at the time, with the anime staff being on-hand at the Tsukuba Space Centre to help out. 

It'll be interesting to see how the other anime studios try and top this. Watch out for Shaft launching someone onto the sun, sometime in 2015. 

[via ANN]


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