Atlus shows how to apply the Persona 4 Golden Vita skin

1:00 PM on 11.05.2012

You only have to look at a PS Vita to know that the system's got a gorgeous OLED screen to display all those pretty graphics with. However, the knowledge that comes with handling Sony's handheld station-of-play is that the thing is a damned smudge magnet! There's barely a moment my Vita's not swaddled in microfiber cleaning cloth when it's not in use, and sometimes I keep it swaddled as I play, particularly if I'm using the touch screens a bunch.

Of course, there are solutions to such minor quibbles, such as having cool skins to cover the Vita's surface with, like the one that comes with copies of Persona 4 Golden. Those things are tricky little buggers to put on properly, though, which is why Atlus came up with a video to help intrepid Persona 4 Golden buyers put the skin on properly, as well as show off the eight custom wallpapers that come with it.

See? They're not just concerned about making sure you see the immense value that comes from having a sweet Persona 4 Golden Vita skin, but also maximizing its looks and protection through proper application. Thanks, Atlus!

Also, look forward to Japanator's Persona 4 Golden review soon!

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