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Attack on Titan

Attack on Minecraft: Shiganshina District recreated

3:00 PM on 09.30.2013 // Chris Walden

Now to get an armoured titan in this game.

This certainly isn't the first incredibly extravagant recreation to grace the cubic world of Minecraft, but it sure is up there with how stunning it is. This isn't just a bunch of fans recreating a key scene, but rather an attempt to recreate an entire district, namely the Shiganshina District that was ravaged so early on in the show.

You know, I love just how beautiful this looks in all its glory. Sure, the post-processing and scenes from the anime add to the video, but just seeing the District at a distance rendered with those deceptively minimalist cubes makes me really happy, you know? Who said video games aren't art!

So, what's the next step for this project? Reconstructing more of the world behind the walls? Hopefully it involves something along the lines of releasing the map to the public, then installing all of the Attack on Titan mods that are available. Check out a video of some of the currently available mods after the jump.

[Thanks Lucas!]

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